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Edito from H. Lorenzen:  "The European project is about respecting, understanding and supporting each other"

When Europe talks mainly about money, debt and whom to blame for the deep crisis we now face - something is profoundly wrong. The European project is about respecting, understanding and supporting each other. This is why the Greek crisis is our common European crisis. It is not just a German-Greek or North South antagonism. Our problem is that citizens no longer trust their politicians and institutions. And politicians and institutions have lost contact with their citizens.
The process of European integration has been world history of the first order. The fact that the nations of the Old Continent which were once sworn enemies have managed to live together peacefully and successfully for more than 60 years is an achievement admired in many parts of the world. Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America and the USA have seen the EU as an established model for peaceful, cross-border integration. Unlike military alliances such as NATO, the EU's appeal is based on hope  for democratic cooperation rather than fear of one's neighbours or ambition to dominate. (read more)

REGISTER: "Lifeshop" Moldova - discovering Moldova rural lifestyle – 24-27 sept. 2015 – Moldova

From 24 to 27 of September 2015, Forum Synergies will organise a “Lifeshop” in Ungheni and Nisporeni districts (Republic of Moldova), in partnership with PREPARE and Ecological Movement of Moldova.
The LifeShop concept offers local players the opportunity to discover sustainable lifestyle, with a strong human dimension (focusing on personal relationship between visitors and local hosts more than political proposals). Our local partner is currently defining the programme that would include some field visits to get an overview of past and present experiences of sustainable development in the districts. We will also get in touch with the local community (farmers; cooperative of consumers, family gardens) in order to facilitate exchange of experiences "guests, hosts and neighbors” are engaged in.
Registration and information on

 "Rural Youth Workshop - More space for young people in rural Europe! 22-25 Oct. 2015 – The Netherlands

Forum Synergies will organise, in collaboration with Future Farmers in the Spotlight, a Rural Youth Workshop from 22 to 25 October 2015 in beautiful countryside of the Netherlands!  Participation of active youth force in rural economies and local development is usually limited and there is few motivation to talk about and act for. But here we are ready to broaden the discussions, inspired by Rural Youth around Europe!
Draft Programme:
· Thursday 22nd – Arrival
· Friday 23rd – Discovering the place and participants initiatives (Field trips and Market of initiatives)
· Saturday 24th – Youth visions and needs (Working groups etc..)
· Sunday 25th – Conclusions and departure
More information and registration soon on

Our Youth scholarship to discover rural initiatives are still open: have a look on

Report back on Latvian rural forum: discussions on Youth in rural areas and other topics for the future of rural areas.
Liljana Tanevska (Forum Synergies Board member) participated in the Latvian Rural Forum 2015,  held in Liagtne (Latvia) between 3 and 5th of June 2015, in the framework of the Latvian presidency of European Union and shares some of the conclusions with us. The forum brought together communities, policy makers and international experience in discussions of challenges, solutions and opportunities for development of small towns and rural areas in Latvia. The Forum convened discussions for three areas: Consolidation of rural areas’ potentials to strengthen competitiveness of the EU; Promotion of civil society development outside of centres of development as tool for improvement of life in rural areas and small towns;  Access to services and mobility of citizens.
The Forum declaration, presented in front of the EU parliament representatives from Latvia, sent messages for the cooperation and collaboration in rural Latvia in terms of: · delegation of powers from Local Government to NGOs utilisation of their capacities; Improvement access to public services in rural areas and make them equal for all; Positive campaign and promotion of the rural areas of Latvia; Usage of renewable resources on small scale level; Improvement of education to serve the rural areas in terms of infrastructure and content, and forms of education; youth and employability as factors to bring back the youth to the rural areas, promotion of the heritage both cultural and natural; Building up the local diversified product viability and short supply chains development. The declaration (in Latvian) is available here. (read more)

News from Ukraine: NGO Karpatske Kolo current activities. Karpatske Kolo was created in 2011 and some members participated the same year in the Estonian Rural Parliament. It has the following aims 1) Supporting and strengthening local initiatives (promotion of forest products - mushrooms, blueberries, raspberries) ; Supporting local processors of goat and sheep milk  2) Protection and promotion of cultural heritage which will help to enrich quality of life of the rural communities. (local folk events, photo-albums) 3) supporting networking and communication on national and international level. Rostyslav  Kos, its current director, shares a few words on the situation in their territory. “Our country tries to do reforms and many NGOs spend much time for explanation among people purposes and its possible effect. Karpatske Kolo is member of regional movement against corruption.We have also territorial reform and our villages will unite in bigger administrative units. Our NGO take active part in work among people in rural communities. According to this reform our villages will collect more taxes and will have more possibilities to manage own finances. We help families together with other organizations in frame of local charitable foundation, as 300 people from our district took part in conflict between Ukraine and Russia. We also collaborate with local farmers and entrepreneurs. Our members did consultations (mostly about possibilities to find international projects) for goat cheese producers, sheep producers and others."
Calendar of events: The new calendar of events related to rural sustainable development is online!
Forum Synergies Lifeshop Moldova: 24-27 September 2015, Moldiva (Moldova Ecological Movement) 
Forum Synergies Youth Gathering: 22-25 October 2015, The Netherlands. (Furture Farmers in the Spotlight and Forum Synergies)
2nd European Rural Parliament: 4-6 Nov. 2015, Austria (ERCA, PREPARE and ELARD)
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