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"When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and other build windmills"
(old Chinese proverb)

The Sustainable Mystery Tour 2012

Visit the place - we want to learn about your situation, needs, fear and the "windmills you are building".

Participating in events related to SRD* - discovering new fora for exchange and cooperation.

Gathering voices for change - interviews bringing your voice from the local to the European level.

This activity will also be linked to the ARC (Agricultural Rural Convention)

* SRD = Sustainable Rural Development



2012 will be a decisive year for rural Europe

The new CAP will come from proposals to reality. It will shape the options for future sustainable rural development.
As Forum Synergies we want to motivate our members, partners and friends to get involved in that process. We want to support you so that your voices become heard.

In the Agenda 2000 process Forum Synergies organised a Sustainable Mystery Tour travelling troughout Europe presenting success stories of sustainable rural development. In 2012 we want to re-launch this exciting exercise of bringing your experiences and messages forward.

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