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"All the meadows and fields, all mountains and hills are pharmacies"
(Paracelsus, 1493-1541)

1st European Herb Gathering, Lesachtal, AT, 4-7 October 2012

The health topic is at the heart of all of us

Health is not only a topic everyone has his own personal interest in but faces more and more attention in the public and political discussion. Permanently increasing costs for the public health care system on the one hand and an emerging doubt in the overall power of a mechanised healing concept cause rumour in the political, economic and private public world. All over Europe we have to face a more and more restrictive regulative framework whereas our traditional knowledge about healing and taking care for ourselves in a responsible way are threatened by loss and prohibition.

Forum Synergies Working Group "Rural Actors for Health"
With the initiative "Rural Actors for Health" Forum Synergies contributes to the need for exchange expressed by numerous members and partners.
The 1st international meeting of rural actors for sustainable health invites herb producers, producers of herbal products, holders of traditional knowledge related to the use of herbs, all persons interested in the safeguarding of this knowledge and its contribution to health aspects.

UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage
The safeguarding of knowledge and practices concerning nature and the universe is one of the key concerns of UNESCO’s 2003 Convention. The 1st European Herb Gathering will be held under the patronage of the Austrian Commission for UNESCO (link DE, link EN)

1st European Herb Gathering

open for registration!
(deadline for registration: 1.8.2012)

Dear colleagues!
As we intend to discuss your main needs and concerns related to the use of and knowledge about herbs we want to invite you to send us some information about your experience.
We hereby kindly ask you to check and fill out the questionaire you can download from the download center or from our website!

Please send back to Simone Matouch:


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Provisional agenda
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UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage (full text)
UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage: Knowledge and practices concerning nature and the universe
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