Get involved now!  Get involved now! Get involved now! Get involved now!

Optimism prevails

There seems to be movement at all the edges of Europe - in the countryside but also in the cities. It’s a chance to get involved, to bring your message through.
It’s exciting to see how strong all these messages can be when we achieve to put them together.
There are two parallel activities attempting to make the best out of the chances this moment of creating a new agricultural and rural policy might offer:

Sustainable Mystery Tour 2012

Forum Synergies is fanning out in order to learn from good examples of sustainable rural development. Success stories are the best way in order to draw conclusions what our needs for the future are.
We’ve started our exiting tour in May in Estonia – have a look (link)! 

Co-initiated by ARC the FOOD FOOD MARCH started to prepare for “The CAP we want” campaign. Apart from physical events everybody is invited to bring in a “photo-shut message” highlighting what the new CAP should take care of.
A fascinating variety is about to evolve. You can have a look and you can join! (link)  

News from Forum Synergies projects

New ways of Access to Land for Community Connected Farming -
case studies are available! (link)

One of the output of this thematic exchange lead by Terre de Liens in 2010-2011 has been the realization of seven case studies quite diverse but all illustrating how new relationships between farmers, consumers and territories can be invented.
They all study the land dimension:
either to show the difficulties of access to land in Eastern Europe (Viva sol, farm Jaglea),
either to illustrate the experiences of mobilization of land for the maintenance of a peri-urban agriculture (occupation land in Italy near Rome, mobilization of communal lands in Hamburg),
either to show innovative citizen initiatives of access to land (Tablehurst and Plaw Hatch Community Farm, Regionalwert AG, Terre de Liens) 

About Forum Synergies
Forum Synergies is a European non-profit organisation. Since 1994 our network of engaged citizens and associations has gathered rich and varied experience in sustainable practices, mainly in rural areas. Trying out the best ways to save resources and energy in our local communities, combining the intelligent use of modern technologies with traditional know how, and sharing our successes and weaknesses throughout Europe, have given us faith in getting involved in political decision-making on our future.

Forum Synergies is kindly supported by

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Calendar of events related to rural sustainable development
The new calendar of events is online! (link)
1stEuropean Herb Gathering, 4.-7. Oct. 2012, Lesachtal, AT
Open for registration! Please register before 1.8.2012!

Link to draft programme and registration form


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