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Save the Date: “Civic Dialogue Workshop” on 23rd-26th June 2016 (Poland).

The workshop will be organised in the territory of LAG "Puszcza Knyszyńska", in collaboration with “Biuro Inicjatyw Rozwojowych” and the support of our colleague Elzbetia  Strzelecka.
During this workshop, the focus will be “How have you implemented in your country, participation and stakeholders dialogue in EU procedure such as Natura 2000, CLLD-Leader, Water framework (or other ones specific to the country/region.)?
The workshop will include a training session (offered by participants aiming to share methods), field visits and exchange with local stakeholders on this topic. And also working group sessions to share experience and discuss on the topics of participation and stakeholders dialogue in local/rural development and environmental issues.  You will receive more information soon.

Save the Date - Lifeshop in Ukraine in Autumn 2016 (29Sept- 2nd Oct).
From 29 of September to 2nd of October 2016, Forum Synergies will organise a “Lifeshop” in Dolyna, Ivano-Frankivsk region (Ukraine), in partnership with NGO Karpatske Kolo, with our colleague Rostyslav Kos. 
The LifeShop concept offers local players the opportunity to discover sustainable lifestyle, with a strong human dimension (focusing on personal relationship between visitors and local hosts more than political proposals). Groups are up to 20 persons.

Feed-back and impressions from the Forestry workshop.
From 17th to 20th of March the 1st workshop on Sustainable Forestry Management took place in Milverton, Somerset in the South West of England. Local co-organisation partner was EUCan.
About 30 participants from 10 different European countries took part in this event. The aim was to raise awareness of the different services provided by sustainable forest management, and to understand what sustainable forestry means in practice.
The event included a half-day visit to a large private woodland in Exmoor National Park, in the company of officials from the National Park Authority and the Forestry Commission, followed by one and a half days of discussion. Main topics discussed (key words): principles of sustainable forest management; stakeholders, the role of policies on EU and national level.
The report and executive summary are available on our website!
ANNOUNCEMENT. The 2nd workshop is foreseen to tak place in autumn 2016 in Serbia, co-organised with Ibar Developmment Association, a citizen's association in Serbia.

The Access to Land network launches a new video Film: “The Land for our Food”: this video is a great way to introduce new audiences to the issue of access to land. In this film, “New farmer Gavin explores what ‘access to land’ means for farmers across Europe in this new film. Including an exclusive interview with UK journalist George Monbiot, the road movie features the stories of a new grower in France, next generation shepherds in the Catalan Pyrenees, farmland squatters outside Rome and a Romanian peasant trying to survive in a landscape of corporate agriculture.“

ARC 2020 started its new  series of debates with the Livestock topic. The core question that was addressed:"Is the way we farm animals and turn them into food part of the problem or the solution to the myriad of social and environmental issues we face today?"  If you don't have time to read the full debate (that was discussed from many perspectives – climate, animal ethics, economic etc.), have a look to  the synthesis.

'CAP, What’s Cooking?'  Recipes for understanding the Common Agricultural Policy.  The objective of the project promoted by Groupe de Bruges,  Slow Food Youth Network and CEJA is to make the new CAP more ‘digestible’ so that (young) people get a better understanding of this policy and of the future of agriculture, food and rural areas. For example, on the event organised in the Netherlands, participants have been exploring three scenarios for the future of food: high tech, self-organization or collapse. In addition to seven on-farm cooking events that took place across Europe in March 2016, a CAP Cook Book will be developed to convey in an understandable and light hearted way information about the new CAP to a wide European audience.
See the video of  the Dutch farmer's portrait (in the Netherlands):

Have a look on ENRD Workshop outputs on "LEADER/CLLD and networking in support of social inclusion".  Among the interesting experiences that were presented, some of them focused on integration of young people. 

Latvian Rural Forum  mapped 100 local initiatives for Rural Tourism. Their particularity: they have ben created or improved by local inhabitants.   

Calendar of events: The new  calendar of events related to rural sustainable development is online!
· Terra Maldre Balkan 2016: “Putting farmers first” -  June 2nd - 5th, 2016  in Tirana, Albania
· Forum Synergies Civic Dialogue workshop : "June 23rd -26th, 2016 - 5 in Tirana, Poland
· 15th Summer Academy on "Social economy and sustainable rural development"-  July 16th - 23rd, 2016  in Mouzaki, Greece

Report of the Youth worskhop:
All documents related to the workshop are available on:

Civic Dialogue in Wales: Final report and experiences from Market of initiatives:
All documents related to the workshop are available on:

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