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together with Slow Food‘s Terra Madre and Salone del Gusto, 25-29th October 2012

As already announced earlier this summer Forum Synergies will hold its annual gathering and General Assembly on the invitation of Slow Food in Turin.

Slow Food has become a key partner and fascinating alley for ARC and potentially for Forum Synergies. We’re happy having been invited to join them at their big event at the end of October!

Slow Food is a real bottom up organisation that plays an important role in creating a new understanding of the role not only of food but local tradition, agriculture, traditional knowledge and lifestyle. So they tackle quite some aspects related to sustainable rural development in an innovative and pro-active way. They could help us to enrich our perspective in the field of good local food and themes linked to it.

So we’re not only looking forward to an exciting event bringing together people from all over the world but also to a unique chance of getting inspired for next activities we want to set within Forum Synergies during the next 2 years.

The new CAP will usher a new era of rural development and we also want to use the chance to learn about the activities, needs and proposals of our members and partners!

So this is a special invitiation to you to come and join, to come and bring your visions and to come and get inspired!


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We plan to have a good mixture between Forum Synergies agendas – including our General Assembly – and making use of the Terra Madre / Salone del Gusto event.
To get an idea about the Terra Madre/ Salone del Gusto event you might visit their website and download the programme from there (16 MB!)
More details will follow within the next days!


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