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"The only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes"
(Marcel Proust)

The Sustainable Mystery Tour started in Estonia!

The Sustainable Mystery Tour 2012 aims at highlighting the rural realities at the dawn of a new period of agricultural and rural policies.

From 14-16 May we started our Sustainable Mystery Tour in Estonia.
We visited the Estonian Village Movement “KODUKANT”. It’s a fascinating initiative, rich in experience and with great capacity in becoming the rural voice heard.

We had the opportunity to talk to Margus Vain, member of the board of Kodukant; with Anneli Kana who is working for the local NGO Metsanurme and with Sirje Vinni, former member of the board and ambassador of KODUKANT in Forum Synergies

Link to the videos

Sustainable Mystery Tour 2012

 We want to bring your visions, hopes and needs in front of the curtain of the interested public.
We want to learn from successful experiences and want to invite others to get inspired.

How to get involved

Everybody is invited to contribute to the Sustainable Mystery Tour!

You can either invite members of our team to come to your place in order to do interviews and gather main messages together with you. We envisage to visit up to 5 initiatives.  
You are invited to do interviews about your initiative/ experience on your own. In case you are interested to contribute in that way you will receive guidelines and methodological support by our team!
You will find more information here!
In case you want to be involved we hereby kindly ask you to feed back until 18.6.2012. Please send back your comments and intentions to Simone Matouch:

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