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                         Sydney Conference & Get Together 

We had a fabulous time at our conference! 
Dr Marilyn Dyson spoke about  the medical management of neuro developmental and learning delays and the importance of gut function for learning.
Jenny Cluning delved into the importance of coordination, balance and postural control in support of higher level functioning including cognition.
Evonne Bennell shared about experiential retained reflex learning.
Clare Crew gave us some great tips for working with teachers and in classrooms.
Berri, from Evian Eye Care, gave a comprehensive and practical introduction to the role of Behavioural Optometry in treating learning difficulties.
Lisa Maltman, from The Sleep Connection, explained the impact that sleeping disorders can have on learning.
Julia Dive extended our knowledge of benefits of rolling and Veronica Steer led us in a workshop exploring the potential of the Move to Learn program to address some of the issues of aging.
We all came home with our heads full of stimulating information and much to process; the overwhelming consensus being for another Move to Learn conference next year!
It was great to hear from each of our practitioners. Each has their own individual style and focus and all are making an impact in their own areas. There was plenty of time for networking, exchanging ideas & developing friendships over sumptuous, healthy meals, and the exchanges have continued electronically since. 
One revelation for me was the importance of movement as we age. We all know that it is through movement that the foundations of learning are laid. It is how we prepare our brains and bodies to learn; maturing the vestibular and any retained primitive reflexes and developing postural reflexes and neurological pathways for efficient sensory processing. But this is not only important at the beginning of our lives - it is important for the whole of our lives. 
Every factor associated with maintenance of postural stability deteriorates with aging. Many elderly people have problems with dizziness, with not being able to get up independently and with falls. But Veronica shared how vestibular rehabilitation has been shown to be effective in promoting the sensory system’s involved in vestibular dysfunction, and exercise programs have reported a 17% reduction in falls among participants. (Bill, R. (2010) Caulfield Rehabilitation Centre,).  Basic research in animal models of Parkinson's disease is beginning to show exercise-induced neuroplastic effects at the level of motor and cognitive synaptic connections and circuits.(Lancet Neurol. 2013 Jul;12(7):716-26) And proprioceptively dynamic activities done over a short period of time have shown dramatic working memory benefits. (Working memory benefits of proprioceptively demanding activity. From Perceptual Motor Skills 2015; Alloway and Packian Alloway: ) 
This research not only supports our work with the Move to Learn Program and children’s foundational skills, but also offers potential for adults. Parents, doing the Move to Learn program alongside their children, have reported  improvements in memory, concentration, mood and levels of back pain. Perhaps these middle years are just as important as the initial years, for establishing the habit of movement, keeping us strong  and efficiently wired, and preparing us for the later years of our lives. 
Conclusion: Move to Learn is too good to keep it just for the young!

Welcome to our new Practitioners!!

Mary Mountstephen is joining the team as our first European Practitioner!! 
A former primary head-teacher, Mary has additional qualifications from The Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology, Johansen Individualised Auditory Stimulation and Integrated Listening Systems. She is the author of several books and many articles in the field of learning differences and provides on-line and on-site bespoke training as well as 1:1 assessments.
Mary works internationally, with current projects and clients  in the U.K., Italy, Cyprus, Singapore and Hong Kong and her interests are mainly in the primary and early years sectors.
She has been associated with Move to Learn for nearly 10 years, but has only this year made the formal commitment to become a Practitioner. Mary has fond memories of meeting Barbara in Fiji and being amazed by her vitality and knowledge and has promoted Move to Learn in the U.K. and in Poland.
We are SO excited to have Mary as part of the team!

Sandy Egan is also a long term associate of Move to Learn.
A mother of 4 grown sons and grandmother of one, Sandy is a Primary School Teacher with over 20 years teaching experience. Her journey teaching children with Learning Difficulties began when she worked alongside Barbara at Oxford Falls Grammar School in Sydney where they set up a movement program.

Sandy owns and operates Hands up for One on One Tuition in Mona Vale, where she works with individual children. She is passionate about helping children reach their potential. As well as being a Certified Move to Learn Practitioner she is also a Provider of The Listening Program.
We are delighted that Sandy has chosen to partner up with us as a Practitioner!

We are also welcoming a new Certified Trainer to the Team.

Katharine King
 is an Educational Kinesiologist (Brain Gym), “Move to Learn” Trainer & Listening Program Provider. She is passionate about helping students of all ages and understands the connection between learning, the mind and human movement. She has been introducing targeted Brain Gym exercises into Australian preschools and classrooms for 9 years and has helped students improve the fundamentals of education – literacy and numeracy, sporting and behavioral performance.
Treatment employs a range of techniques incorporating music and movement to stimulate brain function by strengthening and creating new neural pathways in the brain.  
Katharine offers one to one consultations; group exercise classes and training workshops for teachers and parents

And in Malaysia...

Joyce Moi has just run a training seminar with an enthusiastic group of optometrists & teachers. The teachers will be introducing the Move to Learn program in their preschool in Singapore.

Well done Joyce!

Joyce is also making available some beautiful custom made mouse pads. Designed by her daughter, Janet, these lovely mats are a great way to spread the word about Move to Learn - or just a cheery addition for your own desk.
To see more of her designs, click

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All the best from the Move to Learn Team.

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