Move to Learn May, 2014 Missile

A new Move to Learn Practitioner in Melbourne!
Jenny Cluning

Brain Connect - "Developing sensory pathways for a better life"

Jenny is a mother of three boys who has qualifications in general health, fitness and nutrition.  
A recent graduate of the Diploma course in Neuro-Developmental Delay offered by the Institute of Neuro-Physiological Psychology in Chester UK, Jenny is also trained in Extra Lesson and Rhythmic Movement Levels 1,2 & 3 and is qualified as a provider in Johansen Individualised Auditory Stimulation (JIAS) program and The Listening Program (TLP). 
Additionally, she has attended training in Colorful Semantics offered by the Catholic Education Office, and the Fitzroy Reading Method through the Fitzroy School in Melbourne and holds a certificate in Bilateral Integration.
We are very excited that Jenny has decided to join the Move to Learn team as a Certified Move to Learn Practitioner!
Jenny has designed and supervised home based programs and has had extensive experience working with teachers through Program Support Group meetings. She has a strong passion and desire to educate teachers with the Move to Learn Program and the proven link between movement and learning. 
Welcome to the team Jenny!

And for parents in the Adelaide area - 

Clare Crew
has a parent 2 hour Move to Learn workshop coming up in August. It includes a printed and bound copy of '10 gems for the brain' and there's 2 for 1 tickets available for the next week.
For more information, contact Clare or click here.

And finally - 

New Posters!

Our new updated poster set of the Move to Learn Movement Sequences is now ready for sale. 
The new set includes 10 posters – the 9 movements plus a ‘warm up’ poster. It has been updated to be in-line with the new research and input incorporated into the new 3rd edition of Ten Gems for the Brain, but it doesn’t invalidate the previous poster set.
Also included is a special plastic wallet to protect your posters in storage
or transportation. 
The new 10 poster set - including the protective wallet - retails for the same price as the previous 9 poster set: $49.95, and is available now through our website or through the office: 
We have also produced a brand new Pyramid of Learning Poster. Bright and colourful it is a great addition to the set. It retails separately for $15.00 & postage, or in combination with the Movement Sequence posters for $52.95.

As a special introductory offer to those who have previously purchased a set of Move to Learn posters and would like to update to the new set, the new set of 11 posters will be available at less than half price - $25 plus postage.

This is a strictly limited offer. It is only available to those who have previously purchased a set of Move to Learn posters and only until September 1, 2014. To take advantage of this offer, please contact us:

Happy New financial Year everyone!

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