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Winter Edition!

We had a fantastic time at our Sydney Conference this year! With a small, committed group we were able to go in depth on a number of issues and have come away with a new, fired up vision for Move to Learn. We got into some great question and answer sessions with Dr Dyson on nutrition, Evonne Bennell on reflexes, Jeff Morrison on structural issues and Julia & Veronica on all sorts of issues.
As well as that, Veronica presented on The Impact of Music and Movement in Brain Stimulation; Julia told us all about the exciting new seniors' Move to Learn programs she has been running; Clare Crew gave us some great insights on How Move to Learn looks in a school or preschool; content marketing and the importance of our own journeys; David Evian gave a fascinating talk on Behavioural Optometry; Jemma Myers shared the exciting way Obstacle Courses are being used by the team in WA and showed us their new Obstacle Course Mat and Marlene Rattigan got us all up and dancing with her ‘Scarf Magic’.
A big thank you to all who contributed to making the weekend a fantastic success.
One of the main focuses was the generation of new material. There have been some exciting advances in research and knowledge in the past few years, so we are planning to update our material and add a few new products in the coming year, including a new adults & seniors program! Firing up the brain for maximum function and focus is not just for the kids. 
More on that later. 
Heads up - we will be raising the price of our e-books, (including Ten Gems), and our combo packs on September 1
Get in before the price rise.

Ten Gems            $20 (was $15) - multiple copies $10 each (was $6)
e-books                $29.95 (was $19.95)
The Lot                 $180 (was $150)
Starter Pack  (2 books and the DVD)    $115 (was $98.95)

Not a huge leap, but hopefully enough to get closer to our bottom line. Ten Gems will still be cheaper than an International bank transfer fee. 
Many other exciting ideas were bounced around at the conference, including the possibility of some major research in India and maybe having our next conference in Malaysia to be easier for some of our international contacts.  
And speaking of international contacts...                                         
I will be presenting with Mary Mountstephen at a conference at the Maria Grzegorzewska
Academy of Special Education in Warsaw, Poland in September titled - "Beyond the special educational needs - The practical solutions in education of children with neurodevelopmental delays".
This is being put together by Agnieszka Olechowska, and is focusing on the practical ways to support the development of children with learning difficulties.
You can read Agnieszka's research on the Move to Learn program here: 
Agnieszka also translated Ten Gems for the Brain into Polish and has been instrumental in introducing Move to Learn into Polish schools. I'm excited at the opportunity to visit some of those schools and to spend time with Agnieszka and Mary on this upcoming trip! 
If you are able, and would like to attend, please contact Agnieszka. It promises to be an enriching event with input from top level experts in the field. 

‘Rhythm, Tempo and Enhanced Academic Performance’
This article appeared in the Dyslexia Association of Singapore Handbook. It is written by Mary Mountstephen MA (SEN) who is an Associate Member of British Dyslexia Association and a Member of Professional Association of Tutors of Students With Specific Learning Difficulties 
She is also a qualified practitioner of The Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology, specializing in the field of Neuromotor Immaturity and in the use of movement programs to address underperformance and underachievement academically in students aged 4-11 
In this article she draws attention to research and practice in the use of physical, rhythmic movement programs as part of interventions to improve literacy skills. To read the article, click here.

'A Neurological Look at Handwriting in the Classroom' 
A new article from Jenny Cluning, (graduate of the Diploma course in Neuro-Developmental Delay offered by the Institute of Neuro-Physiological Psychology in Chester UK -  Certified Move to Learn Practitioner with a certificate in Bilateral Integration - trained in Extra Lesson and Rhythmic Movement Levels 1, 2 & 3 and  a qualified provider in Johansen Individualised Auditory Stimulation (JIAS) program and The Listening Program (TLP) 
To read, click here.




Great to have an ever growing team out there with increased skills to help kids!


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