Move to Learn April, 2016 Missile

Autumn Edition!

Once again, we are off to the MINDD Forum, (20-22nd May), where key topics of Nutritional Psychiatry, Nutritional & Environmental Medicine, Gut-Brain Connection and Cell Health will be presented. This is a great event where you can learn about some of the latest cutting edge research in our field. 
Drop in and see us if you are able to get there!
In the meantime, we'd like to suggest an interesting webcast by Bette Lamont. Shared with her permission.
Bette Lamont is a certified counselor, teacher, parent, therapist and consultant. She has worked with children and adult learning and behavioral issues throughout her career. She has served as a Developmental Movement Practitioner since 1986, and is Founder and Executive Director of Developmental Movement Consultants in Seattle, Washington. 
There are also some fantastic articles on Bette's site.

And we have been busy elsewhere as well.
Dominique has introduced Move to Learn to several new cities across France and Switzerland; Joyce has held two more training seminars in Malaysia, including one in Kuching; Clare has been busy as usual in the Adelaide region; Winsome & Jemma, held a very well received seminar in Perth; Mary has been training teachers in Cyprus and the UK; Evonne presented a seminar in Sydney and Jenny has been getting everyone excited about Move to Learn in Victoria!
Learn more about upcoming seminars here:
La Salle University Hall, Selangor  - April 23  - Joyce Moi
South Australia -  April 29 & July 22 - Clare Crew
Reading, UK - May 28 - Mary Mountstephen
Lesmurdie, Western Australia - June 4 - Winsome Richards
Singapore - June 25 - Mary Mountstephen
Melbourne, Victoria - September 15 - Jenny Cluning

MOVE to LEARN 2016 Sydney Conference

After the resounding success of last year's conference, we are getting together again in August, 2016! 
This year we are going to be putting some emphasis on the impact of music and movement in brain stimulation. We will also be looking at developmental learning steps with case studies and presenting deeper insights into the Move to Learn Sequential Exercises. Other key topics will be retained reflexes and their Impact on learning; how retained reflexes Interfere with sports performance and how they present; and a special report on Move to Learn workshops for seniors.
We are lining up some exciting speakers. But also of primary importance is just to get together as a broader group to network and share ideas.
The conference is open to all Move to Learn Practitioners, Trainers and core associates. If you would like to know more, please contact Jini at our office.  
Some feedback from Suzanne Brown from Harrison School, ACT, Australia after last year's conference:
"I often take 10 to 12 students for targeted handwriting AKA Move to learn type activities! Most of my students are quite active and love to escape the classroom. At times they are very noisy and mostly want to do things 100 miles an hour, in competition with each other or just want to be silly together. I've been experimenting with various activities to get them to move with organised purpose. The other week I tried the paired rolling we did at the conference. I was a little reluctant to try this earlier as most of the students don't/can't roll slowly in a coordinated manner crossing the mid-line. Well, this worked out the best thing I have tried. It challenged the students to work together engaging them in problem solving in order to roll successfully together. The results were fantastic, the movements were slower, their focus sustained and their rolling style much improved. And, they still had fun! Since then they seem to be more settled and I don't feel that I am spending half the time refocusing the students. Thank you to the person who suggested this activity!

And lastly, a New Product!!!
By request...

A5 sized Poster Cards
These are excellent as a prompt or reminder of the requirements for each movement and the warm up. A handy A5 size, they can be held up as a reference while the students are doing the movement or used as a prompt in obstacle courses.

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