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Winter Edition!

New Releases!
At last we are ready to release our new e-book: 
Ten Gems for the Brain; The Move to Learn Program for all Ages!
This e-book is an extended version of our regular Ten Gems for the Brain, with deeper explanations into the 'why & how' of what we do. 
It has been developed to meet the needs of adults (older teens through to seniors) who would like to benefit from our program. There are tips and adaptations for seniors and those with disabilities or physical restrictions; photographs to illustrate and a large reference section. 
We’ve had exciting feedback from seniors’ groups who have been trialing the program under the inspiration and direction of Julia Dive:
“Informative, helpful course. Just as relevant for elderly folk as well as youngsters.”
“Not only have I enjoyed this course but I feel I am concentrating overall much better and my co-ordination has improved.”
“This course has been extremely good there has been development in my concentration and movement.”
“Very good for improving mind and motor dexterity.”
“This is the shortest hour of my week!”

This booklet is designed to be a stand-alone product for an adult or group of adults, to run the program for themselves in their own home or community centre. 
A great alternative for older teens through to seniors!
Our new e-book will retail for the same price: AUD $20.00,  and is available on our website:

a Japanese translation of our regular Ten Gems for the Brain
This has been made possible through the hard work of our representative and Certified Practitioner in Japan, Cecil Burton and his wife, Makiko Ogawa-Burton.
Together, Cecil and Makiko run the Cee Bee Center located in Takarazuka city, Hyogo Prefecture in the Kansai region of Japan. 
The Cee Bee Center provides education and therapy for children with special education needs as well as support and training for parents, teachers and caretakers.
Just recently Cecil shared this:
" Incidentally it's amazing to say this at the least because it may sound to be ridiculous as it's not yet been 2 weeks that the EI program has been implemented in the Japanese KG here. There are 15 kids between the ages of 3-5 and already a few have shown a few encouraging signs of change and growth.  For example one little 3 year old girl in particular, that I have seen in the past 2 months at the KG 
1. Has major (autism/PDD NOS related) issues and doesn't utter a word or sound yet.  
2. She doesn't like men and runs away from them and doesn't like being touched by men either 
3. Always cries many times a day and avoids doing anything physically related e.g. P.E. at the KG. 
4. I have never ever seen a smile on her face in the past 2 months and that's so sad for a little kid like that. 
5. DId not make eye contact and copy anything someone did e.g. if a teacher clapped she did not do the same
6. First 5 days of the program just kept crying and running away not doing anything much except on the two days I conducted that I gently coaxed her to try and do something at least a little.
Well lo and behold this is what has happened in less then 2 weeks 
1. She does not cry anymore in the KG. 
2. She still runs away when she sees me (i.e. a man) I feel that will take another month for me to help her change , but now in the starting of the 2nd week when I go to her and hold her hand or hug her or pick her up and hug her she is totally comfortable with that, does not try to run away and does not cry either.  
3. She now looks intently at the teachers and me when I talk, makes eye contact and tries to copy what I am doing.
4. From the second week now she is trying to do and take part in everything and I have started with the rolling and wonder of wonders she loves doing that.  For the first time ever I saw a smile on her face and this Monday I was coaxing her into doing that and helping her and yesterday on Thursday she wanted to do it many time and was trying rolling by herself too with a grin on her face from ear to ear.
The Bottom Line:  All the teachers at the kindergarten too are surprised to see her not crying, allowing me to hold her and smiling while also participating so well in the program. (all this in less than 2 weeks)
To me a smile on this little girl's face is worth so much more than any amount of money could never buy.  This has inspired the teachers at the KG to also make more efforts because the all the participating children seem to be doing better in some way whether it is physically, mentally or behaviour-wise.  
Just thought I would share this little piece of good but significant news with you."

Yes indeed, significant and exciting! 
Cecil is planning to visit Canada to run a training seminar there, and if you would like further information about that, or about the Early Intervention Program he is running in Japan, please visit our website or contact Cecil directly at:
Cecil Burton (Director) Cee Bee Center
H.O. 1-16 Mikasa cho, Takarazuka shi, Hyogo Pref. 
Branch: Kamishinjo 5-2-12 Houshin, Higashi Yodogawaku Osaka shi
Website <>  (English)

And speaking of international contacts...                                                                   We would like to officially welcome our newest Practitioner, Dr Agnieszka Olechowska

Agnieszka is a teacher of early childhood education, a special education teacher-speech therapist and senior lecturer in the department of early education at the Maria Grzegorzewska Academy of Special Education in Warsaw, Poland.
She is also a visiting professor at Florida University, USA, a member of the Team Elementary Education Sciences at the Polish National Committee, head of copyright postgraduate Early Education and Preschool and author of several books in the field of special educational needs, scientific articles, guides for teachers, training programs, e-learning courses teachers and pedagogical diagnosis tools including: Support for Students with Special Needs. Tips for Teachers (APS 2001), Special Educational Needs and The Meeting of Theory and Practice (PWN 2016),.
She has graciously translated Ten Gems for the Brain into Polish and has been instrumental in introducing Move to Learn into Polish schools. 
We are very excited to have Agnieszka on our team!!!!
You can read Agnieszka's research on the Move to Learn program here: 
Great to have you on board Agnieszka!

And several Certified Trainers have also joined our  team:                                   
Siti Nur Hajar 
Tel: +6590726010
Siti is a preschool teacher at Early Learning's Fun Preschool (a mainstream pre-school) working with young children ages ranging from 3 to 6 years old. As she is passionate to help children with learning difficulties, she sees a smaller group of students with learning difficulties once a week. Her interest in Move to Learn grew as she saw the progressions made by her students after she implemented the movements. Move to Learn helps her students concentrate better and they also become more aware of their surroundings. With the noticeable improvements, she hopes to implement Move to Learn in her classroom as part of their daily activity.
Felicia Chen
Symphonia Academy of Music
50-1 & 52-1 Jalan 1/149D, Bandar Baru Seri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur.
+603- 9054 4982
Felicia is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Music Education at the University of Malaya, emphasizing on using music and movement intervention to help children with autism to improve their psychomotor, socio-emotional and cognitive development.
She has been teaching music and movement at various music centre since 1998 and has been conducting the BrainEx programme (a music and movement programme for the children with learning disabilities and autism) at Symphonia Academy of Music since August 2015. She has been incorporating the Move to Learn into the BrainEx programme to help the children with disabilities to overcome their retained primitive reflexes.
Thus far, children who have gone through the BrainEx and Move to Learn programme have made a great progress and some of them even proceed to learn a musical instrument.
In 2002, Felicia developed her own music and movement programme - "Pre-YMC course" for children aged 3-4 years old. This programme is known as "Music for Young Kids" (MYK) and she is currently working on integrating the concept of primitive trigger points and mysofascial techniques into her work.

Dr Jessica Monaghan (Chiropractor)BHSc(Chiro), MClinChiro
jess monaghan
Phone: 0432171192
Riverland, South Australia
Jess is a Chiropractor with a focus on functional neurodevelopment to enable children (and adults!) to function at the highest level that they possibly can! She is currently completing a 2-year Diplomate of Functional Neuro-Development in Chiropractic Paediatrics. 
Working with a large volume of children, Jess had a few parents mention the Move to Learn program and this drove her to learn more about it. Being similar to many movements that entwined with her work as a chiropractor in engaging change to the brain, the desire to use the program to work with many children at once through the school system became a reality with the Move to Learn work.
Jess aims to help people learn about their brains in order to get the most out the environment they immerse themselves in. A big part of this includes education about how we are shaped by the sensory experiences we are exposed to, and how the top down processing of our brain enables us to navigate our space as it best sees fit. The more we can make sense of the world around us, the richer and fuller our expression, engagement and development becomes.  

Congratulations ladies! Lovely to have you with us, and great to have an ever growing team out there with increased skills to help kids!

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Until next time, keep on rolling!

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