Move to Learn April, 2014 Missile

Changes to Move to Learn!      

Responding to feedback, incorporating new research and adjusting to new demands and applications – Move to Learn is making some changes this year! 

First up - We have released a NEW EDITION OF Ten Gems for the Brain!

This new edition incorporates the latest research with adjustments for clarification and to accommodate current usage trends. Previous editions are by no means  invalid, but we are excited about the changes and are offering a free update to any who would like one. If you've purchased a copy of the e-book in the past, all you need to do is email the office ( ) and we'll forward you the new 3rd edition.

Also - there are some changes to our CERTIFICATION process.
We are adding another certificate – which makes three now :
•    The Move to Learn Certificate of Attendance
(issued for attendance at an official Move to Learn Training Seminar)
•    The Move to Learn Training Certificate
•    The Move to Learn Certified Practitioner Certificate
From now on, the normal first step to becoming a practitioner will be to get a Move to Learn Training Certificate.

The Move to Learn Training Certificate
This certificate certifies that an individual has attended an official Move to Learn Training Seminar or workshop and has been assessed as competent to run the program with individuals or groups.
It is a once off certificate that doesn't need yearly renewal.
It is ideal for teachers or professionals who wish to work with their own students or clients.
To obtain this certificate, applicants must attend an official Move to Learn Training Seminar and pass a written and face-to-face assessment.
NB: It is not required to have a Training Certificate to use our program, but certification enables us to endorse an individual and provides a certificate as evidence of training, assessment and competence in delivering the Move to Learn Program.

You'll find more details here:

We are also working on updating the website and making it ‘phone-friendly’. Technology has moved on – and we must move on as well. Expensive, but necessary. 
You shouldn't notice much difference in content, but there should be improvements in access for some functions.
We'd be grateful for your patience if there are a few glitches as we get it all up and running.
So, that’s it. 
We'd  be happy to receive any feedback, and please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
 Jini & the Move to Learn team


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Until Next time, keep on rolling!