Move to Learn January, 2015 Missile

Happy New Year everyone!

As the temperature rises here in Australia and school is on its summer break, we wish you all the best of the season. A great time for parents to try Wet Move to Learn. You'll find it free on our website if you haven't discovered it as yet, and there has been some information about yummy 'clean' holiday treats shared on our facebook page as well.

We'd also like to take this opportunity to share a few special things:

Introducing our first Certified Move to Learn Trainers in Malaysia! 
Ann Comrie-Smith and Daphnie Wong 

Daphnie & Ann completed their training and assessment with Joyce Moi and are both excited to introduce Move to Learn in their areas and throughout Asia.
We are excited to have them as part of our team!!!
Daphnie & Ann's contact details can be found on our website:

Joyce runs regular Move to Learn Training Seminars in Malaysia and anyone seeking to become a Certified Move to Learn Trainer in this region should contact her for further information. Tung and Sherrene have just attended Joyce's latest training!

and from Winsome, Move to Learn in WA:

Testimony from a parent in Western Australia
30th November 2014
When our son Lauchlan was around 2 years old we started to notice that he struggled with a number of things, His coordination, concentration, body awareness, social skills, communication, following instructions, easily distracted, loud, always on the go, just to name a few. And we had no idea what to do or where to start, However what I did know was that he is a good boy with a heart of gold and who genuinely cared and meant well.
So then our journey began……. Looking for a needle in a hay stack……..
We started seeing GP’s, child health nurse, paediatrician, ENT, audiologist, OT, physio, chiro, bowen, speech, ngala, naturopath, behavioural optometrist, behavioural therapy, parenting courses,  3 sets of grommets, adenoids, tonsils all under the age of 4. The general responses were “he’s a boy” “he will balance out” “he’s just immature for his age” and finally have you tried medication. Which none of those responses I was happy with, I knew there was more to it.
A year ago we were given a suggestion to contact Winsome who does the move to learn program up at skamp, to no surprise we did. Winsome welcomed me into her lovely home and there we discussed Lauchlan. We discussed the move to learn program and also watched a dvd, she even had me on the floor doing exercises, I giggled nervously thinking wow this is so my child she’s talking about. And it was at that point when I had that “agh” moment (my needle), the hallelujah moment, the FINALLY moment. I’m not crazy someone that actually got what I was saying and fully understood me and my child.
Since starting the program and all the extra advice from Winsome, Lauchlan has made some great progress and improvement in all areas.
He can now count to well over 100 and recognise the numbers (started at only counting to 10) starting to add and subtract,  He can sing and recognise the alphabet and sound out the letters, (started with knowing ABC) knows some site words, wants to try and read books, Ball skills massive improvement, confidence and coordination on play equipment, can swing across and upside on monkey bars, does shirt buttons up, puts shoes on right feet, social skills are a lot better, a lot calmer (yay for me) teachers feedback is good (now) he can hop and skip. Ear infections are non-existent. All that and we haven’t finished the program yet, we know that we still have work to do but reflecting on how far he has come, we are more than happy to. That happy and inspired by Winsome and all she has done for us that I am currently trying to learn as much as I can to one day not just help my children but others alike, and hopefully it’s out there enough so that parents don’t have to go through such a long winded process like us, I couldn’t recommend this program more.
Thank you so much Winsome and the move to learn program it has been truly life changing………
Nat Egan

ENJOY  Your summer!
All the best from the Move to Learn Team.

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Until Next time, keep on rolling!