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CSIRO cuts hit the classroom 

Through a combination of government budget cuts and internal restructuring, CSIRO will slash funding to education and outreach functions – resulting in dozens of job losses, cuts to regional and remote student outreach and the end of popular school holiday programs. More here.   

Cuts bite at Astronomy and Space Science

Funding for astronomy and space science is set to take a major hit courtesy of government budget cuts. CSIRO’s management have confirmed that funding cuts will cost jobs, scholarship programs and signals an uncertain future for radio telescope facilities in Parkes and Narrabri. Full story here


The Staff Association Financial Report for 2012-13 was made available to members on our website on 15 November 2013. The version placed on the website contained the signatures of Staff Association officials, but not the signatures of our independent auditors. This was recently brought to our attention by the Fair Work Commission. As a result, a rectified version (with the signatures of the auditors) of the Financial Report, dated 18 November 2013, has now been placed on our website. More here.

Southern Ocean inquiry

The Staff Association recently contributed to a CPSU submission to a Senate inquiry into the Southern Ocean and Antarctic. Issues raised included the impact of budget cuts to Tasmanian marine and atmospheric research and reduced capability for the new research vessel. Read more here

Innovation survey 

A reminder about the inquiry into Australian innovation, science and research. The Staff Association will be making a submission to the inquiry to draw attention to CSIRO cuts. Help contribute to our submission by telling us about your experience. Complete our brief survey here. 

All eyes on DHS

Management at the Department of Human Services are set to offer staff an agreement that aims to strip rights and conditions, increase working hours, cut personal leave - all in return for paltry pay increase of 0.76% per annum, when averaged over three years. Full story here.   
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