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CSIRO all staff survey SHOCKER 

The successful implementation of Strategy 2020 has suffered a serious blow with the results of an all staff survey showing low morale and a massive gulf between the CSIRO Executive and the wider workforce. Full report here.

Ernst & Young reveal serious flaws  

CSIRO has spent $340,000 for a consultant’s report into the recent restructure, exposing an extensive list of errors, shortcomings and miscalculations among the organisation’s senior executives and management. More here

Chief Executive to stay until 2020 

CSIRO’s Board has announced the reappointment of Chief Executive Larry Marshall’s contract until the end of the decade. Chairman David Thodey confirmed the decision following a recent Board meeting in Sydney. Read more here

ARENA deal will save CSIRO jobs

A campaign including the Staff Association, CPSU and a range of community groups has secured $800 million in funding for the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) over the next four years, protecting CSIRO jobs in the process. More here

Census fail didn't happen by accident

Funding cuts have consequences and the census was a slow-motion train wreck. Good governance and public services don't happen by accident; they require long-term investment and committment, writes CPSU's Melissa Donnelly.

Aspendale to remain open until 2023

CSIRO is still working through the detail of the Climate Science Centre including the core capabilities for the decadal predictive capacity. Meanwhile staff at Aspendale received news that the laboratory will remain open until 2023. More here
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