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Making a difference with redundancies   

A range of improved redundancy rights achieved by the Staff Association during the last round of negotiations are providing some much needed relief to staff caught up in the latest round of CSIRO job cuts. So far the results show how important the changes - won at the negotiating table - have been in lessening the damage of the cuts. More here. 

Support services at Griffith under threat  

Staff at CSIRO's Griffith Laboratory in the New South Wales Riverina face an anxious wait as management considers a plan to slash research support positions at the site. There are fears for the future of the site as the cuts - if implemented - would reduce the workforce there to something less than a skeleton crew. Full story here

Put science and research on the election agenda

The Federal Election is shaping up as another close contest. Research and innovation are likely to feature and there are important implications for CSIRO. The Staff Association has five science policy priorities for the election. We want to know what you think - cast an early ballot in our online poll and find out more here.

Victory at Waite 

A campaign to protect the site support engineer at Adelaide's Waite campus - led by local Staff Association delegates - has won an early victory.
After a strong show of support - including dozens of petition signature and written testimonials - management have suspended the redundancy process while undertaking a review of the position over the next six months. More here

Claim your dues  

It's that time of year again... Tax time *groan* There is one bright note - that being your union dues are completely tax deductible! For the majority of members who pay their Staff Association fees via CSIRO payroll - the key piece of documentation is your PAYG summary. Look for under the deductions heading. The Staff Association does NOT issue statements - unless you're one of the few that pay by invoice.

Friend me on Facebook

Meet Jeffery Carig. For those that don't know, Jeff is our NSW Organiser and a lovely bloke all round. He's created a facebook profile and is on the look out for friends. Check out Jeff's page and if you like what you see, make friends with him. Actually, while you're there, visit the Staff Association Facebook page and keep an eye out for a photo of an amazing cake, baked in honour of the recent CSIRO pay rise. Yum!
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