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Science coverage at ABC safe... for now 

While Federal Government budget cuts are set to bite deep at the national broadcaster, science coverage at the ABC looks likely to emerge largely unscathed. However the long term future of ABC science programming remains under a cloud. Read the inside story here.      

Our year in review

Staff Association Secretary Sam Popovski reflects on a year – while dominated by severe cuts to jobs and research – also featured Staff Association members and delegates supporting each other, standing up for CSIRO and showing the way forward in 2015. More here

Redundancy rights ease pain but threats remain

The application of voluntary redundancy substitution has resulted in hundreds of CSIRO staff remaining in the organisation to continue their careers. So why is management targeting redundancy rights in enterprise agreement negotiations? Read more here. 

Sign the

A big thanks to all of the Staff Association members who signed our pledge to stand up for CSIRO. It's been a great response and promises to send a very strong message to CSIRO's leadership. It's not too late to support a better CSIRO by signing the pledge.

Download our calendar

It's time to get organised for the new year - and what better way than with our 2015 wall calendar. Click here to download a printable version for your work space. If you'd prefer a printed copy, talk to you delegate early next year or email 

In case you missed it 

There's been a couple of big stories in the press recently - including the launch of RV Investigator. ABC 7.30 ran a special report on CSIRO featuring Simon McKeon, Ian Chubb and Peter Doherty. Look back on a busy year by visiting our media page
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