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Research threat as PM launches urban policy

More detail on CSIRO Executive’s plan to slash jobs in Land and Water has emerged with an admission that proposed cuts will force the cancellation of research into cities.The news contrasts sharply with the Government launch of a $50 million urban strategy, styled as one of Malcolm Turnbull’s signature policies. More here.

Public good, or a trip to the casino?

Venture capitalists might be expected to take risks; but should they gamble with taxpayer's funds at the expense of  public good research? Read the complete article from CSIRO Fellow and former Staff Association member Dr Nick Abel. 

'Innovation' is the worst word of the year  

Crikey's Helen Razer declares “innovation”, the emptiest term of the current era and a great contender for Worst Word of the Year, with 'agile' running a close second. Find out why here

Cool reception for climate centre

CSIRO Chief Executive Larry Marshall's announcement to set up a national climate center in Hobart has been met with some decidedly mixed reviews, writes Andrew Freedman for Mashable. Read an international view here

Fears for lab that 'invented Wi-Fi' 

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that proposed cuts at Data61 - the newly created entity that merges NICTA with CSIRO's Digital Productivity unit - has sparked fears that the future of the Marsfield Laboratory could be under threat.

Larry 'Not very good at politics'

Larry Marshall has been forced to appear for a second time before a Senate Select Committee as pressure intensifies around the CSIRO Chief Executive's controversial plan to cut hundreds of jobs, Fairfax Media reports
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