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Launch of a new activity to support CSIRO

This November, the Staff Association is launching a new campaign activity to support CSIRO. Our reasons are clear. Unprecedented cuts to funding as a result of the federal budget. Entire areas of research shut down. Nearly 1,300 jobs due to be lost in two years. Sites set to close and careers cut short. Morale at record lows.    

Time for management and the Board to step up

The Staff Association has spent the year campaigning for jobs, research and working conditions at CSIRO. We've been vocal in our support of staff facing these harsh cuts. We believe it’s time that the Board and senior management do the same. Incoming Chief Executive Larry Marshall has said rebuilding staff morale will be a major challenge. So will he endorse the current bargaining strategy that aims to cut CSIRO working conditions and wages?

Show your support by signing our pledge

We’re asking all CSIRO employees to sign a pledge to support CSIRO. It's simple and quick to complete but the message is strong and direct. The pledge calls on The Board, Dr Marshall and the Executive Team to do three things; protect working conditions at CSIRO, grow research and support jobs across the organisation and to stand up for CSIRO's independence and integrity. Find our more here

Remembering Rachel

Dr K.R. (Rachel) Makinson recently passed away at the age of 97. Rachel broke new ground as our first female Chief Research Scientist, then as Assistant Chief of Division - another first for a CSIRO woman. Rachel was an active union member and champion of equal pay. More here

AGM notice and reports

The Staff Association Annual General Meeting will be held at CSIRO Clayton at 10am, Tuesday 2nd December. The location is the G.K. Williams & Clive Pratt rooms, located in the Western Precinct, Building 101. The AGM Agenda, Operating and Financial reports can be accessed here

Elected unopposed

The Australian Eectoral Commission (AEC) has announced the successful candidates in a range of uncontested positions as part of the CPSU 2014 elections. All of the nominated candidates for CSIRO Section positions have been elected unopposed. Read the full list here
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