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Coalition scrapes home with slim majority 

The Turnbull Coalition Government has been narrowly re-elected, with the Coalition likely to secure only a one or two seat majority in the House of Representatives and a shaky policy mandate. Full report here

Fair Work wants fix for redundancy problems

The Fair Work Commission has called on CSIRO to negotiate solutions to redundancy concerns raised by the Staff Association. Directly affected members requiring assistance are encouraged to contact the union immediately. More here.  

Executive Team test morale with staff survey 

CSIRO’s Executive Team are testing workforce confidence by conducting an all staff survey. As well as gathering views on Strategy 2020, the activity provides an opportunity to rate the performance of CSIRO leaders. Read more here

Union dues are tax deductible

Staff Association dues are completely tax deductible. For the majority of members who pay their  fees via CSIRO payroll; check your PAYG summary and look for the deductions heading. The Staff Association does NOT issue statements - unless you are one of the few who pay by invoice. 

Northern Australia sites at risk 

CSIRO's northern Australian presence will be significantly reduced once its redundancy process is complete, the CSIRO staff association warned, with 40% of Northern Territory workforce staff facing redundancy. More from ABC Online here.

Support local Telstra jobs

Telstra recently told over 400 customer service workers they are going to be sacked with many of their jobs going offshore. CPSU is calling on Telstra to invest in Australian innovation, skills and jobs rather than cutting and offshoring more jobs. Help out here.
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