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Dear Cat sailor, 
What a great catamaran sailing season, excellent weather  to spend time on the water down at the club, or at. Now that the sailing season is a bit  more challenging  in the northern hemisphere with wind and rain I guess only the committed cat sailors will be venturing out on the water while the rest  of us make sure our boats are firmly tied down or tucked away! Those who managed to get to some of the national and international  catamaran race events, we hope you had a  great time sailing with other like minded sailors.
The Windsport event support trailer with replacement parts and technical support , has been out and about at various events, if we have touched base with you during our travels it has been good to talk and put faces to names. 

 New Cats - Demo Cats & Used Cats. 
 DART 18 – SPRINT 15 – C2 (F18) – Viper (F16)

Dart / Sprint
Windsport are  the manufactures of the performance catamarans Dart18 and Sprint15,  both well established  regional and club racing catamarans in Europe supported by a network of  regional Dart Partners / dealers.  Right now Windsport UK is releasing our 2013 demo boats for sale representing excellent savings  when compared with a new boat in 2014.
C2 (F18) / Viper (F16)
Windsport is also  the UK / Ireland  dealer for  the ultra performance  range of F18 and F16 catamarans” The AHPC :-C2  and Viper.”  You can test sail both the C2 and Viper at the Windsport sailing centre or  we can arrange a test sail during one of the UK open meeting events.
For more information on Dart 18 / Sprint 15 – C2 and Viper contact the Windsport team.    
Catamaran replacement parts and support.
Windsport continues to increase our range and stock of catamaran replacement parts to keep you the sailors on the water. More replacement parts stock  will be arriving for the start of 2014 if you cannot see it on the website drop us an email, it does not mean we do not have it ie. Harken blocks and equipment, English Braids ropes and lines etc. ! You can beat the 2014 price increases  by  buying your replacement parts from our current 2013 stock .    After  14th December 2014 price increases will start to be introduced.    

Looking towards 2014

Year on year Windsport has seen more new cat sailors joining a variety of  catamaran sailing fleets and more sailors contacting “Windsport Catparts” requiring replacement parts and technical support. Windsport will continue to enhance and improve our support for all catamaran sailors, class associations,  this includes  Windsport catamaran coaching and technical support.  

Planning for Christmas  

Only a few months away – so now is a good time to drop hints to your family or partners … check out the Catparts website   

Boat park covers, hull covers or foil / rudder sleeves, gennaker pole tube, blocks , ropes etc.    Get ready for the 2014 sailing season and  treat yourself this Christmas.

Keeping the ball rolling

The Windsport team thank all  sailors who continue to help promote catamaran sailing at their club and elsewhere.  If every cat sailor brings just one friend to catamaran sailing and encourages them to starts sailing at club events the catamaran fleet  will double in your region, making better sailing for you, at your club and everyone else.
So the challenge has to be:-
Who are you going to invite this weekend for a  sail and encourage them to get involved?
Happy Sailing
Brian, Cookie and the Windsport team.

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