Kosiorek Update 4-19-2014
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It is amazing how your way of thinking, even as a Christian, can be molded by your culture and society.  In America we like things done fast.  We are always looking for ways to do things quicker and easier.  Whether it’s the newest time-saving devices for your home, out in the yard or in the work place.  Sometimes you hear of new ways of learning a foreign language in as little as 3 to 6 months.  It was hard for us to understand why we would need to be in language school so long – 18 months!  When talking to some of our new French friends, however, who all seem to speak at least 2 languages, they can’t understand how we could possibly learn French in such a short amount of time.  We quickly realized that we were not here to listen and just mimic the French language.  The goal was not for us to be able to memorize a few phrases and words and then to be able to repeat them.  Our class time is spent mostly in French grammar. We spend long hours going over sentence structure, direct and indirect objects and where they are placed in a sentence (totally different than in English).  We have been conjugating verbs, learning how to change the spelling and entire formation of a sentence depending on if the subject is feminine, masculine, singular, or plural.  We have been learning that the French language has more pronouns and different uses and rules for them, than seems reasonably possible.  We are learning rules for writing that are different from the rules of speaking.  We are basically getting all the grammar for French in a year and a half that we learned for English in over 12 years.  We are expected to learn French vocabulary on our own time.  We do this by utilizing those on-line programs that are supposed to teach a person French in six months; they are basically vocabulary.  Not to mention that we are being taught all of this in French!  One of my teacher doesn’t even speak English.  If you have a question, it needs to be asked in French.  Often the French grammar and rules don’t have an English equivalent and we spend more time trying to wrap our brains around the concepts and uses.  What makes it even harder is that some of the concepts don’t really have set rules for how, when, or why they take place.  When you ask why or how we can know, we are told that the French just know.  UGH!  All of this to say that we are often frustrated with how little speaking and listening we can actually do in French.  It feels like we are taking the long way around.  But this is the only time we will ever get French grammar training and we have been assured over and over that without the proper grammar we will always be speaking at the level of a child.  In order to work alongside the Togolese and share the Gospel effectively, we need to be able to do more than just repeat French phrases.  Grammar will equip us with the tools we need to keep expanding our French speaking skills once we leave France.  So meanwhile we trudge on; often frustrated, tired, overwhelmed, and sometimes discouraged with the amount of information, rules, homework, and the slow pace of language school.  Please continue to pray for God’s daily grace and strength in our lives.  A friend here at language school has said, “…the only honorable way to end this (our time here at language school) is to go through it!”     
We wanted to send out a big hearty “thank you” for your prayers, partnership, and encouragement.  It has been difficult adjusting to being back in college full-time, doing homework, and diligently studying and learning vocabulary.  Sometimes we feel like we are ready to be done and are unsure if we are really going to make it through language school.  It is then that we will receive a letter, package, or e-mail that reminds us that we are not in this alone.  We are so thankful that we serve an infinite God who has everything in control.


~ Language school:  We are still trudging on.  We are thankful that we are slowly growing in our French skills.  Please continue to pray that we would understand the French language and increase in our speaking and listening ability.  Pray that the grammar would make sense.  Pray that we have good attitudes as we continue in the learning process and that we would not get discouraged.  Pray also that we would have wisdom as we seek to balance our study time:  listening drills, speaking drills, on-line vocabulary practice, homework, take-home evaluations, and reviewing our textbooks, workbooks, class notes and verb conjugations and getting out and speaking.  We always have more work to complete than time to complete it.
~ Support Change: We want to praise God for his quick answer to prayer.  We are thankful for new partners - our monthly support level is again at 100%.
~ House:  Our house is still being shown by the Realtor.  Due to some complications, just this week, the last offer fell through.  We are now back to square one.  Please continue to pray that God would work out all the details involved with this.  We have now exhausted our savings and are praying for wisdom as we try to pay for living expenses here and in the states with an income level intended for living in Mango, Africa.
~ Supplies for our move to Togo:  We are so thankful for our sending church and the creative way they are helping to collect some of the items that we still need for our container. 
Please pray for them as they work hard collecting these things before the container needs to be shipped this August.
~ Vehicle:   As it stands NOW, (with the vehicle price, tariff, and shipping prices continually changing) it looks like we can still get a vehicle shipped there and out of port if it arrives sometime between August and October.  Going with a cheaper vehicle, we are now looking to purchase a Toyota Hilux, we still need to raise around $12,000.  Please pray that the price won’t keep going up and that we can still get it into Togo with the old tariff (around $9,000 to $10,000).  The new tariff (which doubles the tariff cost already in place) was changed to be retroactive as of January 1st of this year.  However, after many hours of negotiating with the Togolese government, on ours and other team member’s behalf, Adam Drake was able to get them to agree to allow a group of vehicles in for the lesser tax ($9,000 to $10,000).  Thank you Adam!   Please pray that they will honor this agreement and that God would bring in the funds needed.
~Togo Team:  Please pray for wisdom and unity for the Togo team.  A lot of decisions are being made and policies and procedures are being put together.  The hospital is such a large project; there is so much more involved than just finishing the physical building.  Also pray for the team that is still in the process of getting to Togo.  I am amazed at how many obstacles arise that discourage, set back, or hinder people from actually making it to the mission field?
~Togolese People: The real reason for all of this is so that the people of Togo will have the opportunity to hear the Gospel.  Please pray that their hearts would be receptive, that we would continue to have an open door in Mango, Togo and that God would get the glory!
We pray for you often and thank God for you. Thank you for your prayers, encouragement, and partnership.
The Kosiorek Family
Eric, Brenda, Joshua, Caleb, and Daniel

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