Kosiorek update 3-6-14
Since our last update, we have been busy studying and it is hard to come up with anything interesting to share when your life consists of classes and homework.  However, we have had exciting news this week with our oldest son, Joshua, getting engaged to Courtney Boger.  They met while at Baptist Bible College.  She surprised him with a visit to France and he surprised her with a ring!  It was very, very difficult to keep the two of them from finding out everything that was going on behind the scenes!

Since we stepped out in faith to follow Christ’s call to missions, it seems like we are forever adjusting to change.  Our oldest son started college and moved out of the house at the start of pre-field.  Pre-field was a huge adjustment: traveling, eating on the road, speaking in churches, pulling the kids out of public school, and Eric leaving his job.  Then our college student moved back home and we began the process of packing and selling our household possessions. We prepared to move to France and then Africa and put our house up for sale.  Once here in France, we have had to adjust to a whole new way of doing life.  We have become full time college students in a classroom were our teachers speak very little English.  We have thrust our 2 youngest boys into the French public school where they speak only French.  We are still adjusting to the change of living here in France and now the family dynamic is changing again.  We are so happy to finally be adding a daughter to our family.  We need to stay on our toes, hold to things loosely and stay close to our God, because things will change again when we complete our French training and move to Africa.  I think we get a little taste of what Abraham must have gone through.  The Lord said to him, “Leave your country, your people and your father’s household and go to the land I will show you….so Abram left, as the Lord had told him.” (Gen. 12:1, 4).  “By faith he made his home in the promised land, like a stranger (the French word is: étranger) in a foreign country” (Heb. 11:9).  And as Peter says to all of us, “Dear friends, I urge you as aliens and strangers in the world, to abstain from sinful desires…” (I Pet. 2:11).  Change, even good change, can often be very difficult.    I am someone who is comfortable in routine and don’t even buy new shoes till the old ones fall off my feet.  I often look at our lives and think that our being here is proof that God uses ordinary, everyday people; that through all of life’s ups and downs, we can trust God;  that stepping out of our comfort zones to follow after Christ isn’t always easy, but it is so worth it!!!   

ABWE sent an email stating that with inflation and the change in the cost of living, they gave us a raise. That’s normally great news, but it actually feels a little like bad news because that means our support level drops. (We have to raise our increase in income). We also had a gentleman stop his monthly partnership due to financial difficulties. When we arrived in language school we were 100% and we are now 97%. We are short $221.22 a month.  This will not affect our time here in France or the timing of our arrival in Africa.  However, we are praying that God will bring in this additional monthly support need. 

One of the hardest things has been leaving family and friends.  In the states we always had a full house of people.  After years of hanging out, one particular girl became like a member of the family, Jamie Dawson.  As soon as she found out we were leaving she started working 2 jobs to earn money to come and visit.  She was here just over a month.  It was so nice to have extra hands to help with the house work and dinner.  It was even nicer to have another girl to team up with me against all my boys.  Often I would come home from class exhausted and Jamie would have everything taken care of.  Thanks Jamie!  We love you

UPDATE TO PRAYER REQUESTS (from our last update)
HOUSE: We are so thankful - just this week we had a purchase offer made on our home.  We have accepted the offer. The sale is contingent on the buyer selling their home.  The offer was not as much as we were hoping for though and we are still praying that God would bring another buyer while we wait for their house to sell.   We are so thankful that there is movement here.  We have been waiting on the Lord!
BRENDA: Thanks you for your prayers, Brenda passed her NT exams with flying colors.  Glory to God.
Vehicle and Shipping of container: We have been busy looking into the details of purchasing a vehicle in Togo and shipping our container.  When working with a 3rd world country, things are continually changing.  We still need to have things rapped up and sent by August 2014 and we are still looking at roughly $12,000 needed towards our vehicle.  Eric has also been busy working with a friend in the states who is ordering equipment for our container.  We don’t want certain items sitting around while we are in France (generator, stove, etc.) Brenda has been busy making a list of food items to be purchased and shipped in the container.  Friends from our sending church are helping along these lines.  Please pray for us that we have wisdom as we plan for life in Africa and for those back in the states who are working hard on our behalf.
FRENCH: Please continue to pray for us during this difficult process.  That we will learn French and keep good attitudes in the process.
Wisdom: Please continue to pray that we would have wisdom in balancing our time: our time with the Lord, family, and study.
Thank you for your faithfulness.  We couldn’t be here without all the prayers and support from you.  We are so humbled and often think about how amazing it is that God would choose to use us, such ordinary people.  We pray for all of you often.
The Kosiorek Family
Eric, Brenda, Joshua, Caleb, Daniel, and Michael
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