We have learned two important lessons in these last few years.  First, the very safest place to be is in the middle of God’s will, doing what He wants, where He wants. Second, it’s not all about us.  The world needs hope.  He has called us to share the love of God expressed in the Good News of Jesus Christ with the people of Mango and the surrounding areas through the very practical means of providing quality healthcare at The Hospital of Hope:  hope through Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of our sins, to the glory of God the Father!   During our time of pre-field ministry and language school, one thing that has really stretched our faith has been the constant uncertainty of the cost of preparing and getting to Africa.  We sometimes wonder if this uncertainty is a little like what Abraham felt when God called him to leave his family and country.  We know where we are going (unlike Abraham) but often we have no idea how the Lord is going to work out the details of actually getting us there.  I am a numbers person.  During the first 20 years of our marriage we worked hard and always stayed within our budget.  If we didn’t have the means, we would simply do without.  The whole process of actually getting to the field and the costs involved have been a great challenge to our faith. The way it works is that our personal income is a fixed amount.  That comes from the monthly support that the Lord has provided through our partners.  We can handle that.  We have been living in Paris with an income designed for Africa.  The key is to spend less then you make.  However, the costs to prepare and get to Africa (which comes from one-time gifts) is a moving target; meaning, we could look up the prices for things while raising the funds, but the prices don’t stay the same.   I had no idea prices could change so drastically.  When we left for language school we had, what we thought, we needed to cover our expenses, and we had the beginning of a vehicle fund.  Now we have not only exhausted our funds for a vehicle (with the increasing prices of school, housing, shipping, tariffs, visas, etc.), we are in needs of additional funds to finally make it to Mango.  We honestly have stalled in writing this update for no other reason than pride.  It is humbling to once again have to present our needs to you, who have already been so giving.  God has been good and we first would like to share some answers to prayer.  First, the container is purchased and will soon be on its way to Africa.  We are only using 25’ of a 40’ container and were able to get someone to fill the other half.  This unexpected change is a huge praise.  This means that we only have to pay for our portion.  The other missionary who is filling the rest, has agreed to front the initial cost, while we wait on the Lord for additional support.  Second, we have been given the green light!!!  In order to actually leave for Mango, we need an official invitation, an “OK”, from the Togo North Team (TNT).  We are so thankful that we have been given the go ahead.  Our senior missionary in Mango is busy making arrangements for our arrival.  Once we have an official date from her, we will be ready to purchase our visas and plane tickets.  Lord willing we will be leaving at the end of June/beginning of July.  Thirdly, we have a place to stay when we arrive in Mango as we search for and fix up our own home.   This, too, is a huge answer to prayer and will take some time.  Homes in Mango are very limited and are difficult to find, even a temporary dwellings.  It can often be very costly.  God provided for us.  We were contacted by a fellow missionary family who will be in the states for six months on furlough.  We will be able to rent their place while they are gone. It is already safe and livable.  Fourthly, we have a vehicle.  We just today heard from a friend in Mango that has a used vehicle for us.  We are still unsure of any transfer cost and minor repair cost.  We won’t want to be taking it long distances, but will be helpful to get around town. This is a huge praise!  God has been putting everything into place.  Now, we just need the funds to finish up.  We cannot pay for shipping our container, plane tickets, visas, or the last 2 months of school unless God provides through His people.  We are in need of an additional $20,000 to finish the last leg of this part of our journey and start our ministry in Mango.  Once in Mango we will need some funds for preparing a place to stay.  However I have no way of knowing at this time what the cost for that may be.  If we don’t raise the $20,000 we will not be allowed to continue on to Mango.  We cannot spend money that we do not have.  We are asking that you prayerfully consider giving a one-time gift towards our final stretch. 

Additional Praise
**We are also thankful for God’s protection. Many of you have asked about the situation with the terrorists here in Paris.  We are only 9 km from the center of Paris and things were a little crazy around here for a while.  We are thankful for all of your prayers, phone calls, emails, and text messages.
**The hospital is will soon be opening!!!!  The Grand Opening Ceremony –Thursday, February 26th and the Functional Opening of the Hospital – Monday, March 2nd!!!! The President of Togo and the U.S. Ambassador will be attending the opening ceremony. 
Additional prayer requests
**For those of you who don’t know, I, Brenda, have glaucoma.  I was diagnosed with it when I was 11 years old.  I have had 2 laser surgeries, on each eye, and a filtering microsurgery on my left eye.  I have had no problem for years and it has been controlled with medication.  I went to the eye doctors yesterday and the pressure was extremely high.  He wanted to send me right into surgery.  However, we have been under a lot of stress and that does affect your pressure.  We have asked if we could wait a month to look into doctors in the area, gather information, and see if the pressure comes down.  We need wisdom to know if and when to do surgery here in Pairs.  I had my left eye done so long ago that the procedure is quite different now, but still very serious. They would be putting a drainage hole into my right eye.  If I have to have surgery, once completed, I will go back to my eye drops and should be fine for Africa.  We are thankful that we have good insurance with ABWE and if I do need surgery it should be completely covered.
**Wisdom: I have been asked to run the finances at the guest house in Mango.  They would like me to start in September.  I have asked for an official job description and the amount of time that I would needed to commit.  I know that I will be busy setting up house, homeschooling Michael, being a wife and mother, and just living in a 3rd world country.  I don’t want to stretch myself too thin.  But I do enjoy that sort of work and they do need the help.  Please pray with us, as we seek the Lord’s will in this decision. 
**Wisdom: we have a lot of decisions to make as we wind down here in Pairs.  We need to again down size, pack, research and complete visa paperwork, finish up French studies, along with the many details that come up when moving to a new country.  I need to finish homeschooling Michael.  His school books will be too heavy for the suitcases going to Mango.  We want to finish well; we have an urgency to learn as much French as we possibly can before leaving for Mango.  
To Give
On line:  If you want to give on-line you can go to the link below and just put in either our name Eric Kosiorek or our ABWE account number 013499.  Link:

By phone:  Call Donor Services at (800) 901-2293 
By mail:          Donor Service
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