Kosiorek update 7-28-2014
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Our time here in Albertville is coming to a close.  We have completed 10 months of studying French and are getting ready for the next leg of our journey in Paris.  We are now back into the moving mode as we will be finishing out our language training at a school in Paris called Les Cedres.  It is hard to believe that after this move, our next move will be to Mango, Togo West Africa!!!  I am always amazed at how much paper work is involved when you are a foreigner.  I thought moving from place to place in the US was difficult.  Please pray as we go through the process of changing visa info., bank info., car registration, phone info., insurance, and setting up the boys schooling. Often French is spoken so quickly that it is hard to understand and it can be very time consuming to try to get things done.  Also, please pray for the transition of the move.  Even though Paris is still France, it is very different than Albertville.   We will be adjusting to yet another new culture, apt., places to shop, and school schedule.  
Our new address as of August 24, 2014
Eric & Brenda Kosiorek
c/o Les Cèdres
17 Voie de Wissous
91300 Massy
Joshua, our oldest son, made it back to the states safely.  We are so proud of how well he finished his French studies here in Albertville.  He will be continuing his studies at Baptist Bible College this fall and will be getting married October 25th of this year.  We are thankful that he and his fiancé, Courtney Boger, were willing to have their wedding around our school schedule at Les Cedres.  We will be able to make it home for their wedding in NJ during our 2 week break.  We so wish we had more time to visit with friends and family while home.  However, with traveling, jet leg, and having to get right back into classes upon our return, we will have to wait to catch up with everyone over our 1st furlough. 
We are so thankful for our sending church: their generosity, hard work and care for us.  The items for our container are just about all purchased and nearly ready for shipping.
Please pray as we tie up all the last minute details involved with shipping the container.  It is scheduled to leave NY state the 3rd week of September.  It will be driven by a friend, Bev Meyers, to a church in SC who is helping with the leg work of purchasing the container, loading it (for insurance purposes), setting up shipping,  fees, insurance, and international permits.  The container will then across the ocean to the port in Lome, Togo.  Please pray as the details are worked out for getting it out of port and trucked up to Mango.  It will need to be unpacked in front of a government official who will be keeping track of what comes out it, for the purpose of charging us a tariff.  Pray, also, that they don’t leave it in port.  The new tariff goes into effect January 1st.  If it arrives too late in Nov/Dec. they may leave it in port until January so as to charge us the higher tariff.
We praise God for all of your prayers.  Our house is in the final stages of being sold.  Please continue to pray as we wait for the buyer’s bank, the survey, and closing - that all would go through smoothly and quickly.  God’s timing is truly amazing.  The cost of living in Paris is more than Albertville and we were wondering how we would make this change without the sale of our home.   
We are so thankful that we have the month of August off from classes.  This allows time to pack, move to Paris, and visit with family.  Eric and I both have family members coming from the states in July and August.  However, it is very important that we keep up on our French studies and try to get out and talk in French with people in the community.  Please pray for us to have wisdom as we budget our time this summer.
We want to thank all of you who have been giving towards our vehicle.  We still need around $9,000.  We will have a more concrete amount once our container is purchased, shipped, and tariff amounts are settled.  Both of these expenses come out of Outfit and Passage (O&P).  The quotes on these are often fluctuating and we will know what we have left for our vehicle once the container is taken care of.
We pray for you often and thank God for you. Thank you for your prayers, encouragement, and partnership.  Please continue to pray for the missionary team in Mango, the hospital project, and that the hearts of the Togolese people would be open to the gospel.
The Kosiorek Family
Eric, Brenda, Joshua, Caleb, Daniel, and Michael
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