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Bonjour a tous (hello to all)!  And thank you for your prayers, encouragement, and partnership. We were very excited to spend time in the states for the wedding of our oldest son, Joshua.  We were able to be there a week early to help with many details of the wedding.  Our hearts are filled with thanks for so many people who have helped to encourage and bless Joshua and Courtney during this special occasion.  It is amazing to think that God has allowed us this brief visit before leaving for Africa.
Brenda's immediate family
Eric's immediate family
       Brenda's immediate family                                    Eric's immediate family
The Move
Our move to Les Cèdres (the Cedars), just outside of Paris, has gone smoothly.  We are very pleased with the school, our classes, the people, and our progress in speaking French.  We did however have a few setbacks prior to arrival.  The apartment that we were intended to rent in August is not available until November.  The school scurried to find a place for us.  We have been living in dorm rooms at the college.  This has taken some adjustment.  We are not all on the same floor.  Plus, sharing a bathroom/shower with 30 other people takes a little getting used to.  The hardest adjustment has been not having a “real” kitchen.  I am looking forward to having a “real” refrigerator and stove.  I also didn’t realize how loud we are as a family.  The dorm is mostly adults and not your typical college dorm.  Eric often jokes that we are living in a monastery.  One thing that has been particularly challenging is not having a phone or good internet.  It has made it difficult to stay connected.
The Boys and School
I have also been very busy with getting the boys set up in school.  Caleb is doing French language school classes part time and on-line college classes with Baptist Bible College (full time).   Daniel is also taking some on-line classes with BBC’s dual enrollment program.  This proved to be tricky because I had to work closely with their admissions department in order to get Caleb and Daniel registered for a year of online classes that are not being offered yet.  We knew we would be going back to the states for Joshua’s wedding and wanted to get all of their books for the full year.  I am also homeschooling Daniel in the classes that he is not taking through BBC. Michael is also being homeschooled.  He is now in 8th grade.  It has been challenging juggling full time college classes and homeschooling the boys. 
The House Is Sold!!!!
We can’t thank you enough for your prayers for the sale of our house.  The sale was a long process due to some issues with the property line.  We spent a lot of time emailing back and forth with our realtor and lawyer.  We are so thankful that God is good and his timing is always perfect.  We can finally say that our house is SOLD!!!
The Container
We have been working on the details of our shipping container for over a year.  It seems almost surreal that it is finally in the beginning stages of shipping.  Just when we think we have everything settled, new things pop up.  There are so many steps with different people involved that one small change can cause weeks of paperwork, phone calls, emails, and confirmations.   WE ARE SO THANKFUL to be able to share that our supplies have been purchased, loaded, and driven to South Carolina.  By the time you receive this update, they should be on a boat on their way to Africa.  Please Pray: That our container makes it to Africa safely, once it arrives - that we would be able to get them out of port for a reasonable amount of money (the price has increased greatly as of late), that we would be able to get them up to Mango safely, for unloading and storage, and for the tariffs and fees involved. Also pray for the timing and all the little details that are involved once it gets to Togo.
We want to thank all of you who have been giving towards our vehicle.  We still are unsure of the amount that we need.  We will have a more concrete amount once our container has made it to Mango and we know the final cost for everything related to the container.  Please pray: that God would provide the money that we need for a good, reliable vehicle.
We pray for you often and thank God for you. Thank you again
 for your prayers, encouragement, and partnership.  Please continue to pray for the missionary team in Mango, the hospital project, and that the hearts of the Togolese people would be open to the gospel.
The Kosiorek Family
Eric, Brenda, Joshua & Courtney, Caleb, Daniel, and Michael

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