Welcome to Spring 2020. You have just over a week to submit your work from a past semester for the Asian Studies Research Award and check out other opportunities at UA.
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Asian Studies Opportunities 

8 January 2020

Your essay or research paper on Asia could be worth more than the rewards of the classroom. Submit your work for the 2020 Asian Studies Research Awards by Friday, January 17! 

If you have questions about the Asian Studies minor and what you can do with the minor, or other announcements, contact the Director of Asian Studies at

Gender, Etiquette, and Chinese Diplomacy

On February 27, 2020, Asian Studies, along with help from History and others, will host Dr. Xia Shi from the New College of Florida. She will present a public lecture,"Party, Ball, and Hostess: The Politics of Gender and Etiquette in Late Qing Diplomacy" at 4:00 pm in Lloyd Hall 222. Don't miss what will be a fascinating discussion of gender, diplomacy, and China around the turn of the 20th century.

Spring 2020 Courses Related to Asia

Do you need another course for Spring 2020 and want to study something fascinating? While several courses related to Asian Studies have filled already, space remains in a variety of courses. If you also need to fulfill a core course, Survey of Asian Art (ARH 254) carries the Fine Arts designation, and Modern and Contemporary Chinese Art (ARH 455) fulfills a Writing requirement, both having some seats available. Also, seats remain available in Topics in Japanese Studies (JA 390, which addresses literature, aesthetics, and films, etc., in Japan), Art of Japan (ARH 356), and Modern Chinese Literature in Translation (CHI 351), none of which require prior language study. The complete online course list details all of the courses in Spring 2020 that count towards the Asian Studies minor

Submit for the Asian Studies Research Award
You have just over a week to submit your work for the Asian Studies Research Award. We will present two research awards this semester, one for essays and the other for research projects. Essays are generally under 10 pages and can take various forms (book review, response paper, reflective essay, etc.). Research papers are generally longer than 10 pages and involve individual engagement with multiple sources to construct an original argument. Each award winner will receive a monetary award. 

The awards are open to undergraduates at the University of Alabama. You do not have to be an Asian Studies minor to receive an award. To submit your work for the award, send the paper or project by 11:59 pm on Friday, January 17, 2020, to All submissions must include a cover page with name, CWID, email address, and a 3-4 sentence summary of the paper or project. For more information, go to the Asian Studies website.

Minor requirements

  • 18 hours total
  • 2 general courses on Asia (ANT 217, ARH 254, HY 113, HY 114, REL 102, REL 220)
  • 2 Upper level courses on Asia
  • 2 elective courses on Asia
  • 2 semesters of Asian language (not counted in 18 hours unless over 300 level) 
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