Asian Studies Research Award deadline is January 19
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Asian Studies Opportunities 

January 10, 2018

Welcome back to the Capstone for Spring 2018. Make sure that you check the details below for submitting to the Asian Studies Research Award.
If you have questions about the Asian Studies minor and what you can do with the minor, or other announcements, contact the Director of Asian Studies at

Undergraduate Research Award Deadline Jan. 19 
Your work on Asia could win the 2018 Asian Studies Research Award. The award, presented each year to an undergraduate at Alabama whose submission is selected by a faculty committee, includes a $250 award. If you are working on a research project related to Asia this semester (or if you completed something in the Spring), you can submit it for the Asian Studies Research Award. Submissions must be received by the end of the day on January 19, 2018. For more details and submission guidelines, consult the Asian Studies website

Robots in Japan and Other Upcoming Events

Asian Studies will have a variety of events coming up this semester, including a guest lecture on March 26 by Jennifer Robertson (University of Michigan) on the development of robotic caregivers in Japanese society and various cultural implications. Stay tuned to the Asian Studies website and this newsletter for more details about this fascinating lecture and other events. 

Spring 2018 courses
Do you still need a course for this semester, consider taking one or more of the classes that address your interest in Asia. You can take some of the entry courses for the minor, like Survey of Non-Western Art History (ARH 254) or Religions of the World (REL 102) recently added to the options for the minor. Both of these courses also fulfill a Core requirement, or you can take upper level courses like Japanese Literature (JA 357) or Buddhism (REL 372 Adv Studies in Religion in Context). Despite being upper level courses, these courses do not require prior study in the area. For a full list of courses for Spring 2018 that relate to Asian Studies, go to the Asian Studies website.

Study Abroad in Asia

Have you made plans for this summer or next fall? Now is the time to finalize plans to study in Asia through a range of UA programs related to different academic interests in China, Japan, India, Vietnam, and Singapore. Or, you can pursue an exchange program with a university with a relationship to UA or any number of non-UA programs. Search the programs for Asia. You can also attend a Study Abroad 101 session any weekday at 2 in B B Comer 135. You should also pursue various scholarship opportunities to help finance study abroad.

Minor requirements revised

  • 18 hours total
  • 2 general courses on Asia (ANT 217, ARH 254, HY 113, HY 114, REL 102, REL 220)
  • 2 Upper level courses on Asia
  • 2 elective courses on Asia
  • 2 semesters of Asian language (not counted in 18 hours unless over 300 level) 
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