Time to make plans to study Asia for Spring and Summer 2019
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Asian Studies Opportunities 

November 1, 2018

Plan now to take advantage of many opportunities to study Asia, in classes on campus focusing on China, Japan, or India, and multiples programs in Asia. More information is below.
If you have questions about the Asian Studies minor and what you can do with the minor, or other announcements, contact the Director of Asian Studies at

Study Asia to Fulfill Core Courses

You can satisfy a variety of your core requirements with Spring courses that address Asia, including Survey of Asian Art (FA credit), Modern Asia Since 1400 (History credit), Religions of the World (H credit), and Tales from Asia (W credit). All of these courses also count towards the Asian Studies Minor. For a full list of Asian Studies courses for Spring 2019, go to the Asian Studies website

Study in Asia

If you are interested in studying in Asia in Summer 2019, get started now with your planning. You can go on a UA Faculty-Led trip with other students from UA, or you can go through one of the Affiliated, Direct Enroll, or Exchange programs. UA has relationships with multiple universities in Asia (5 universities in Japan, 3 in South Korea, 2 in China, and 1 in Taiwan) as well as a variety of third-party providers. For more information, check out the Education Abroad page of the Capstone International Center. You can also attend a Study Abroad 101 session at 3:30 daily in BB Comer 135.

Upper Level Courses in Asian Studies
We also offer a variety of upper level courses on Asia. This spring you can take Japanese Aesthetics (JA 390), History of Contemporary China (HY 307), and Tales from Asia (REL 322), along with upper level language courses in Chinese and Japanese. All of these courses count towards the Asian Studies minor. For a full listing, go to the Asian Studies website.

Fulbright Opportunities

If you want to continue your education teaching English or doing research abroad, the Fulbright program has a variety of great opportunities. To learn more about the program and application process, UA student success in the past, and the experiences of alumni, go to the Fulbright event on Tuesday, Nov 13 at 5:30 in the Global Cafe at the Center for Community-Based Partnerships in Capital Hall (on the Bryce Property). More information is available on the Global Cafe website

Minor requirements

  • 18 hours total
  • 2 general courses on Asia (ANT 217, ARH 254, HY 113, HY 114, REL 102, REL 220)
  • 2 Upper level courses on Asia
  • 2 elective courses on Asia
  • 2 semesters of Asian language (not counted in 18 hours unless over 300 level) 
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