Plan your submission for the Asian Studies Research Award before Winter Break
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Asian Studies Opportunities 

December 1, 2015

Winter Break is approaching! As you focus on the final papers and projects for the semester, plan to submit your best work for the Asian Studies Research Award by January 29. If you have questions about the research award, the Asian Studies minor, or other announcements, contact the Director of Asian Studies at

Asian Studies Research Award
The best research or creative project submitted by an Alabama undergraduate will receive the 2016 Asian Studies Research Award, including a small scholarship. If you have a research paper or project from this semester or a previous semester, check out the details for submitting for the award on the Asian Studies website. The deadline is Friday, January 29, 2016, and submissions should be sent, with a cover page that includes the undergraduate's name, CWID, email address, and a 3-4 sentence summary of the paper or project to The award is open to Asian Studies minors and non-minors and will be presented at an Asian Studies Honors Week lecture in April. 

Asian Studies Courses Spring 2016

Alabama offers many different ways to study Asia on campus. Some courses still have seats, and some satisfy core requirements. For Spring 2016, you can still enroll in REL 220 Survey of Asian Religions (HU core) and many of the Asian languages offered. Upper level seats are available in courses like ANT 450.003 Gender and Modernity in Asia and CHI 350 Chinese Literature in Translation. The complete list of Spring 2016 courses is available on the Asian Studies website


Spring Semester Courses
Alabama offers many different ways to study Asia on and off campus. UA has a variety of faculty led trips (Japan, China, India, Cambodia) that connect to different programs across UA, and you can also search for other programs that accept UA students through Capstone International. Start making your plans for next summer now!  

What are you going to do with that?

Students in the Humanities and Social Sciences often face this well-meaning question from friends and family. While the study of Asia is relevant to many careers, considering the increasing diversity in the United States and the global connections that increasingly center on Asia, the answer should go well beyond those issues of population, growing economies, and global trade. From talking with a range of alumni of the Capstone, many have found courses (like Asian Studies courses) that emphasize writing, critical thinking, creative analyses of issues, and an engagement with different perspectives useful in a wide-range of careers. You can do almost anything that you want with a degree in Asian Studies. 

Minor requirements

  • 18 hours total
  • 2 general courses on Asia (ARH 254, HY 113 (formerly 243), HY 114 (formerly 244), REL 220)
  • 2 Upper level courses on Asia
  • 2 elective courses on Asia
  • 2 semesters of Asian language (not counted in 18 hours unless over 300 level) 
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