Best wishes to all of our fabulous graduates as they move on to the next stage of their lives!
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Asian Studies Opportunities 

May 3, 2016

Congratulations to our graduates this week! For those returning to UA, we have new courses and plans for Fall 2016, and we hope to hear from any of you who are studying in Asia this summer. Send us tweets, photos, and stories of your time in Asia! If you have questions about the Asian Studies minor and what you can do with the minor, or other announcements, contact the Director of Asian Studies at

New Courses in Fall 2016
We have new courses on the list of Asian Studies courses for Fall 2016, and you can still enroll in many of them. If you are interested in Japan, REL 373 focuses on people of Japanese heritage in Japan and Brazil and their construction of nationalism and religious identification, while JA 356 Traditional Japanese Literature in Translation analyzes stories important for many in Japan. If you are interested in images of Arabian culture, CRL 201 looks at the Arabian Nights literature, and EN 367 considers literature in a postcolonial context. Other courses include Asian religions in the US, various languages of Asia (including Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese, among others), Chinese history, and Islam. A number of courses also count towards core requirements for History, Humanities, and Writing. For the full list, consult the Asian Studies website

The Benefits of Asian Studies 

Studying Asia is more than an opportunity to learn about the culture, history, and practices of populations who total 60% of the world's population. Intensive study of a range of cultures, histories, and languages has other benefits, helping us develop skills that we can use to analyze the world around us. Studying another culture highlights the assumptions and taken-for-granted aspects of the societies in which we have lived and thus enhances our ability to analyze information and develop creative solutions for whatever problems that we want to address, in our career, in our society, or in our personal lives.

Outstanding Work!
The study of Asia attracts excellent scholars at Alabama. This year, Asian Studies honored three graduating Seniors.

Kristin Conwill and DJ Helmick both received the Outstanding Student Award. Kristin is a History major and Asian Studies and Japanese minor, planning to work in museums for a few years before complete a Museum Studies graduate program. DJ is an English major and Asian Studies minor who plans to combine his writing and analytical skills in an IT career.

Sarah Griswold (Religious Studies and Math majors) received the Research award for her project "There is a Well at Cawnpore," which considered practices of memorialization of the violent death of a group of British colonialists. She will be pursuing Masters work in gender and South Asia at Florida State University. 

As they demonstrate, the study of Asia helps prepare people for many careers.

Are You Traveling to Asia This Summer?

The study of Asia often includes opportunities to travel to various places in Asia. If you are going to Asia this summer for research, study abroad, or sightseeing, send Asian Studies pictures of Alabama in Asia. You can tweet them @AsianStudiesUA, #UAinAsia, or send them to the Facebook group Alabama Students Interested in Asia. We would love to hear about your experiences and share your images!  

Minor requirements

  • 18 hours total
  • 2 general courses on Asia (ARH 254, HY 113 (formerly 243), HY 114 (formerly 244), REL 220)
  • 2 Upper level courses on Asia
  • 2 elective courses on Asia
  • 2 semesters of Asian language (not counted in 18 hours unless over 300 level) 
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