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Oct. 5, 2022

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Hi <<First Name>>,

If you have been adventurous, you have probably scrolled down near the bottom of the newsletter and noticed that I have designs on various products for sale at my Zazzle store.

I originally hoped to source the merchandise myself, but after purchasing a couple of boxes of printed mugs (at a decent price) to sell locally, I discovered that to ship them elsewhere came with a ridiculous price that was more than the retail price I was selling them for.

How does Amazon offer free shipping? Well if you pay for Amazon Prime, you are paying part of it, but when you ship billions of dollars each day, you can get those high volume discounts from the carriers. I, unfortunately, cannot.

Enter Zazzle. They can print and ship cheaply because of the volume they do.

But I am trying out a new printer/shipper. I am on a free trial, so if there is enough interest I will add more of my favorite designs that are currently in my Zazzle store, and upgrade the purchase page on my website.

Please note that I can only ship to Canada and the US. Shipping is included!

Some item on sale and prices may change without notice.
You mean they'll go up.
Yes, but if you order at the posted price, that's what you pay.

Drop by to see the 4 offered products: Books and Merch

Book News



Here are some early reviews:

"I had dearly loved the first book by this wonderful author, in the same series. This one appealed in many ways as well to me. It was beautiful, with its own contrast. I could not put this down, I was deeply moved."

"When I saw there was a second installment of The View From Here, I had to grab it immediately! The first book was so excellent and the second did not disappoint . . .The description of everything is so excellently worded, I really truly felt I was there, the world I created in my mind was so vivid. I really can’t wait to see what happens in the third book, although I am going to be sad to see it end. This author really has a way with words."

"This is a beautifully written, very enjoyable continuation of the previous story! I love all of this! The characters & the idea I found really lovely! What a super adventure! Something I would love to do as well! A really pleasurable way to pass a few hours! I do recommend all I have read by this writer!"

That's what make writing enjoyable. 

Haven't read The View from Here yet?

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Reads From StoryOrigin and BookFunnel: 

StoryOrigin and BookFunnel allows authors to advertise their books to each other's audience. I hope you have been able to discover a new favorite! 

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Free from the desk of Leon Stevens:

Excerpts from the book - Lines by Leon: Poems, Prose, and Pictures for KOBO

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A Wonder of Words: Review copy


That's all for this week. Thank you for supporting me on my journey, 


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Merchandise (See, I told you it was here.)
In my Zazzle Store: There are always sales going on in my store (I don't set them), usually between 10-20% and sometimes as much as 50%!

Lines by Leon on Zazzle

 and many more designs.
There are always discounts on the site, not always all products, but I haven't seen full price often, so check it out for gift ideas.
Book Links: 

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