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March 16, 2022

Did it seem quiet around here the last two months? If it did it was because I had a separate newsletter for the readers who downloaded the review copy of The View from Here. Don't worry, you didn't miss anything, and know we are all back together. I want to thank all the readers who submitted their reviews, I appreciate the kind words.

But, I'm not done yet.
That's OK. Whenever you are ready, let me know. I love to read what people think of my books.
Even if it negative?
Even if it is negative.

In this issue: Lots 'o Stuff

  • Writing Update
  • New beta-reading opportunity (The sequel to "The View from Here")
  • From my blog
  • Interview Sneak Peek: M.J. Dees
  • BookFunnel/StoryOrigin Promos
  • Book and Merch links

Writing Update

Go exclusive or go wide. That's the question.

For my next poetry collection, I have been looking at two options: Go with an agregate (Draft2Digital/Publishdrive for example) or do it myself.

If you (meaning me) are going to go exclusive, then there is really only one option: The platform who must not be named (and don't dare say the name three times). But, there are other eReaders out there. I for one have a Kobo.

A what?
Ha-he, very funny.

The recent survey to find out what eReaders my subscribers turned up that the majority have, you guessed it, that one, with second place being Kobo, with no Apple and the rest 'other', which I assume would be a Nook.

Here at some stats:

According to writer Max Lakin from Magnolia Media Network, it’s estimated that Amazon’s share of the eBook market is around 67%, making it the leading retailer by a landslide.

Behind Amazon, the second largest seller of eBooks is Barnes and Noble. B&N’s Nook accounts for nearly 25% of eBook sales in the US. Apple’s iBooks (or Apple Books as it is now named) holds roughly 5% of the market share, and Kobo holds less than 3% in the US. However, Kobo is the most popular eBook and audiobook company in Canada, and it has outperformed Amazon’s* Kindle Store in France, Japan, and Australia.

The figures above are based on Magnolia Media’s research. We think the US ebook market share looks more like this:

eBook Market Share

Amazon** 81%
Nook 9%
Apple Books 7%
Kobo 3%

There are some regional differences, with Kobo coming in second in Canada.

As, I don't like to give my money away, I'll probably try to publish on the main platforms myself. I already uploaded A Wonder of Words to Kobo, and I'm just waiting to download it to check it out. Poetry on eReaders is always tricky because with the text and spacing being adjustable, the poet's vision may not always work. I try to format the eBook slightly different from the print version.

My goal is to have it available by April, which by the way, is National Poetry Month and look for a chance to purchase and win a paperback copy of Lines By Leon: Poems Prose, and Pictures: Details Here


*Ahhh! They said it three times!
**OMG! Four!

Beta Readers Wanted

If you have read The View from Here, [Spoiler alert if you haven't] . . . 

. . .then you know that the ending (last chance to bail). . .

. . .was not so much a cliffhanger (if you read it then this is pretty funny, right?) but a hint of a possible sequel. Sure you could leave the story there, but what would be the fun in that.

A subscriber has been helping me out with StoyOrigin's beta reading feature. I haven't used it before so we are making sure it is user friendly, and so far, so good.

If you are interested in helping craft this next adventure of April and Thomas, here is the link:

The Second View Beta

From my Blog

Poem for Reflection - A poem set to music about the refugees in the world
Music Monday: Songs you might want to hear – Nickel Creek - One of my favorites
Free Book Friday March 11: In Conversation with PD Alleva

The rest can be found here: 

In Conversation with: M.J. Dees

M J Dees was born and raised in Kingston-upon-Hull in the East Riding of Yorkshire. He has worked in a variety of jobs in a variety of countries and is currently living in São Paulo, Brazil.

Interview with M.J.Dees
Pass: LbL

Reads From StoryOrigin and BookFunnel: 

StoryOrigin and BookFunnel allows authors to advertise their books to each other's audience. I hope you have been able to discover a new favorite!

Featured Author: Shane Sheppard

Shane Shepherd was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. At a young age he developed an interest in space exploration. That led him to major in aerospace engineering at UCLA. During his time there, he developed a passion for writing and decided to become an author instead of pursuing a career in his field of study. Now he currently writes science fiction focusing on steampunk and space opera. 



See all running promos: Discover New Authors and Free Books

Free from the desk of Leon Stevens:

Excerpts from the book - Lines by Leon: Poems, Prose, and Pictures for KOBO


There is a blog post today that goes along with this cartoon:
Apt Poetry/ Apt Cartoon

That's all for this week. Thank you for supporting me on my journey, 


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