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Local Wood Initiative

Hastings Stewardship Council has teamed up with Harvest Hastings, Bancroft and Area Forestry Industry Association (BAFIA) and the Bancroft Area Stewardship Council in an Ontario Trillium Foundation funded project called the Local Wood Initiative. It is about sustainability in action. The aim is to provide education on sustainable living through the careful use of natural resources and energy reduction through energy efficiency.
We are fortunate in Hastings County to have 65 per cent of the land in the county covered with forest and wetlands. With careful management, we have the potential to become more carbon neutral.
We will have a sustainability checklist for the public and rural property owners on ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save energy, and we are organizing annual Forestry Days for grade seven and eight students.

The Local Wood Initiative raises awareness about the multiple benefits we gain from woods and trees in terms of locking up carbon, improving the environment and the local economy.  The initiative promotes sustainable management of privately owned woods, the use of firewood and locally grown timber, and energy conservation in the home. 

A number of professionals can visit your property and advise on managing your woodlot; harvesting, processing and burning fire wood efficiently; and can help you make your home and property energy efficient. We can advise on stewardship of your land and put you in contact with forestry and other experts. is the new website. It is your guide to everything related to trees and wood. There are profiles of forestry professionals, tree markers, loggers and sawmills, all of which follow the strict code of professional practice laid out by BAFIA.  The website is your guide to local wood and you can find information on everything from construction timber to musical instruments.

For more information, contact Matt Caruana at 613-391-9034 or via email; Virginia deCarle at 613-334-7547 or via email; Louise Livingstone at 613-395-4388 or via email


Hastings County Plowing Match and Farm Show

Wed., Aug. 20 and Thurs., Aug. 21 at Forestell Hay Farms, 809 Salem Rd. in Stirling
The Hastings Stewardship Council, along with the Local Wood Initiative, will have a space at the Hastings County Plowing Match and Farm Show  where we will be showcasing many different uses of local wood, from lumber to furniture, to local sawmill products and services, plus we will have an interactive display for kids. Hope to see you there!

Haliburton Forest Tour

Wed., Oct. 29 at the Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Reserve
As part of a lead up to the 25th Annual Trenton Woodlot Conference, we will be having a day-long guided tour of the world famous Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Reserve. The bus leaves from Madoc in the morning and returns in the evening. The cost is $90 per person and includes a buffet lunch.

For more information contact Matt Caruana at 613-391-9034 or via email.

Marmora (Crowe Valley) and Trent Watershed Update

Tue., Nov. 4, Marmora (location to be determined)
In collaboration with the Marmora Environmental Advisory Committee, Ewa Bednarczuk, ecology and stewardship specialist for Lower Trent Conservation and Vicki Wolfrey, the Source Water Protection Lead and GIS Monitoring Technician from the Crowe Valley Conservation Authority will update us on the current state of the Trent and Crowe Valley watersheds. 

Contact Matt Caruana by phone at 613 391 9034 or email for more information. 

Trenton Woodlot Conference

Fri., Nov. 21 - Knights of Columbus Hall in Trenton
While the details remain to be finalized, it looks like we have a really exciting, full line up for our 25th annual conference. Our keynote speaker will be author, scientist and environmentalist Diana Beresford- Kroeger. Her current projects include 10 Trees That Can Save the World and a new book, “The Sweetness of a Simple Life - Tips for Healthier, Happier and Kinder Living Gleaned from the Science and Wisdom of Nature”.

Peter Hynard, a registered professional forester with over 40 years of experience in forest management and forest management planning will be giving a talk on the historical forces that have shaped our forests today and how information can be gathered about them. Peter is an engaging speaker who gives a thoughtful and interesting perspective on forest history.

After a catered lunch, conference attendees can choose to either attend a field trip, or attend the afternoon speaker session.

The field trip will be to the Frink Centre and will include guided walks conducted by the following:
  • Tim Trustham, Quinte Conservation Ecologist and Planner, on Tree ID with Twigs and Bark
  • Maya Navrot, Conservation Education Coordinator on the history of the Frink Centre, as well as partnerships and roles within the Frink Centre
  • Martin Straite of the MNR, who will provide an update on the emerald ash borer
  • Vicky Wolfrey of the Crowe Valley Conservation Authority, who will share her expertise on Benthic and Riparian forest health
The afternoon speakers include will include:
  • Ewa Bednarczuk, ecology and stewardship specialist for Lower Trent Conservation: Murray Marsh - Amazon of the Trent.
  • Rob Spence of the MNR: MFTIP (Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program)
  • Dave Smallwood, Forestry and Field Operations Manager for Quinte Conservation: small scale forest operations, harvesting sustainably for firewood and forest health
Further details will follow.


For more information on anything you may have read in this newsletter, please contact Matt Caruana, Hastings Stewardship Council Coordinator, at 613 391 9034 or by email at
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