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Message From the President

Eid Mubarak everyone and welcome to the 14th edition of KIC Connect.  

This year we have built new customs and traditions during Eid as we follow the MOHAP and WHO guidelines about social distancing to protect ourselves and others from Covid-19.  I was grateful to be able to connect virtually with around 45 of our KIC family on Eid day to share greetings and messages of blessing and hope.  On this happy occasion I am pleased to let you know that KIC is now Covid-19 infection-free as our two members of infected staff have now been treated, tested, and are clear.  Even though restrictions are easing from tomorrow, I urge you all to remain alert and be vigilant.  Stay Safe.
Many of our assumptions have been challenged during this difficult time.  Of course, we all miss the vibrancy and fun of a campus full of students and online learning can never replace that. However, our student community is still thriving, with many of our working students enjoying the flexibility that online learning brings; enabling them to study at their convenience, without the busy commute.  Attendance has actually gone up during the recent period.   

Courses that will be delivered online during the summer semesters i and ii are showing promising registration numbers with the multi-modular online format proving popular with students.

The e-learning review visit by CAA has now completed and we await the CAA feedback.  I would like to thank everyone involved in arranging and preparing for the virtual event, especially Dr. Nabil and Ms. Catherine Hogan who were instrumental in making the visit a positive experience for everyone concerned.

Meanwhile, our work still progresses in preparation for the Re-licensure visit due to take place in June.  We are in meetings daily and working relentlessly to finalize our preparations.  This is a whole College activity and everyone must make it their top priority.  Ahead of the CAA visit everyone must familiarise themselves with the CAA Standards and KIC Self-study Report submitted in October 2019 which is available on the shared drive.

I hope that you have all been able to get some rest and relaxation over the Eid break and look forward to virtually seeing you all back at work tomorrow.

Please Stay at Home to Stay Safe,
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Trending at KIC

Eid Mubarak!

KIC, Abu Dhabi / Al Ain.
24 May 2020

On the first day of Eid al Fitr holidays, around 45 of KIC faculty and staff e-gathered to greet each other with Eid Al Fitr. 

Although social distancing took its toll on the traditional Eid rituals, recently emerged practices added a new dimension to celebrations. Being conscious of the communication tools that are available at hand, has enabled us to hang out with people who were virtually unreachable before.

As KIC president Dr. Assem al-Hajj mentioned, "the situation is more of a revelation to us, as now we are aware of things we can do. In the future "normal" circumstances, we will carry on most of the acquired habits that we are forced to use today.

The e-gathering proved to be a positive novelty, and definitely, it will become common practice not only on an organizational level but also on a personal one.

KIC Pioneers eOpen Day Concept

KIC is Digitally Ready

KIC, Abu Dhabi / Al Ain.
16 May 2020

Taking into consideration the paramount importance of social distancing and safety, the adapted format of the regular Open Days was digitized into eOpen Day. The move proved to be convenient for future students, their parents, KIC faculty, staff, and KIC students.

As during the traditional Open Day, future students got to learn about all aspects of KIC. The all-encompassing digital experience enabled the students to ask about programs, student life, and learn more about the academic and the non-academic sides of KIC. College’s faculty, staff, and students were available to resolve any related questions.

The full Open Day potential was realized by the presence of various virtual rooms and activities. Business Administration, Mass Communication, Health and Medical Sciences, and Computer Graphics and Animation departments, were available to offer academic and career guidance. E-Lobby served as reception were visitors could get the necessary directions. Realizing the need for social space, Virtual Guest Room was created. This is where visitors could socialize with each other and with KIC representatives.

On top of academic and career guidance, applicants also had a chance to win extra scholarships by participating in Kahoot! based quiz. Learn more about eOpen Day by clicking here.

One of a Kind Spring 19/20: The Highlights.

Success in the Digital Transformation.

KIC, Abu Dhabi / Al Ain.
19 May 2020

To recap perhaps the most transformative semester at KIC, a general assembly was held to highlight the most important updates, milestones, and achievements that happened during Spring 19/20.

Lead by Dr. Nabil El Kadhi, the assembly revolved around five major topics. Obviously, COVID-19 situation was centric to the discussion since it’s the main reason behind transformations that are happening on a global scale. Evidently, KIC proved to be up to the challenge.

Data shows that digital transformation appeals to the students. According to the internal surveys, the attendance was above 82% and the students were active during the virtual classes, with the percentage of active students being above 91%. To put this into perspective, total attended seats racked at 47K seats and 4.8K face-to-face hours. Another important aspect of distance learning is related to examinations. Amounting to 4,345 exam instances, 183 exams were conducted. Prior to the examinations, 93 dummy exams were conducted. KIC also introduced extracurricular activities to venture beyond the distance learning experience.

Within the scope of KIC Smart Platform, these extracurriculars were related to gamified learning experience and activities that would add value in the context of the lockdown. Kahoot! based gamification mainly targeted KIC students and was carried across the four departments. In addition to that, and as a part of community engagement, KIC rolled out Social Counseling episodes, Crossfit sessions, and Health & Safety episodes. The session also covered increased login dynamics when it came to LRC (Learning Resource Center) resource usage.

Another important highlight is related to a Remote Visit that tested for eLearning Readiness. The visit incorporated prior 10 days preparation, 78 supporting materials, 6 interview sessions with the academics, executives, and students.

The assembly topics also covered the topics pertaining to Institutional visit, e-Learning quick wins, and finally the 18 Month Plan the revolved around accreditation and new programs. Stay tuned for more updates in the future editions of KICconnect.

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Weekly Workshops

KIC, Abu Dhabi / Al Ain.
14 May, 2020


Since Academic Advising is imperative to students’ success, KIC faculty attended a workshop that trained them on effective ways to guide, support, and care for KIC students within the Distance Learning framework.

Delivered by Dr. Adnan Taher, the workshop covered strategic and tactical approaches related to academic advising. The faculty learned how to identify, prioritize, and structure their approach to ensure smooth and effective progression.
Academic Advising is one of the services that was digitized and made its way to the students via KIC Smart Platform, ensuring that the college is digitally ready. The Smart Platform allows KIC students to experience regular campus life and not just attend their regular lectures. Essentially, the whole KIC experience becomes available via digital tools.



Featuring Mr. Ahmed Ali, Registration Officer

What are you most curious about in life?    
My ultimate goal is to keep my family strong.

What are the failures that you most cherish?  
I was about to immigrate to USA when I got the chance. However I rejected to stay with my parents

If you could go back five years, what advice would you give your younger self?
My advice for my younger self would be to study my cases before taking decisions.
What do you do outside of the work environment?    
I usually work out, and I like playing Leagues of Legends; that’s the loveliest things I do enjoy.

What is the most courageous thing you have done in your life? 
The most courageous thing I have done in my life is that didn’t send my father to the hospital to be treated and recover from COVID-19. I insisted to stay with him to treat him myself until he recovers. (Quick Update: He recovered!)

What is your favourite film/series and why?    
My Favorite movie is The Vaw because it makes you learn that love is based on nothing except for love.
 How are YOU 
 staying motivated during the quarantine?
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share them with us!

This is Where We Part.

KIC Student Council President bids a warm farewell.
The end of Spring semester also means that KIC parts with some of its students, who became part of the family over the course of their studying years at the college. This semester, Mr. Khalifa Almazroei, President of KIC Student Council (AD), has reached the final terminal of his academic journey at KIC.

“First of all, I would like to thank KIC for excelling my academic journey. Since I joined the college, I felt that I am an integral part of it. I appreciate the constant academic and social support offered here.” – said Mr. Khalifa.

Throughout his three years tenure, the student council president was an active contributor when it came to speaking up for students. With his coordination, academic and non-academic topics were mediated and addressed where needed. Khawarizmi International College always strives for continuous improvement of the student experience, to enhance their learning and social environments. The college wishes Mr. Khalifa all the best in his future endeavors.
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Tips & Trivia

Al-Khwarizmi: The Invention

Khwarizmi’s sine quadrant was a type of quadrant used by Arabic astronomer for various purposes. It was used to measure celestial angles, to tell time, and to find directions, among its many other uses. According to Wikipedia:

“The instrument is a quarter of a circle made of wood or metal (usually brass) divided on its arc side into 90 equal parts or degrees. The 90 divisions are gathered in 18 groups of five degrees each and are generally numbered both ways from the ends of the arc. That is, one set of numbers begins at the left end of the arc and goes to 90 at the right end while the other set the zero is at the right and the 90 is at the left. This double numbering enables the instrument to measure either celestial altitude or zenith distance or both simultaneously.”

Back to Basics - Photo Tips. 

brought to you by the Graphic Dept.

Being on a lockdown with your family is an opportunity to practice your portrait photography skills. Beyond choosing a subject for your practice, there are some basics you should master before grabbing the camera. Camera, for that matter, is the least important part. Your skill is.

We already covered most of the techniques in the early issues of KICconnect so here are two most important tips to hone your portrait photography skills.

  1. Choose a simple background and use the rule of thirds – Learn More.
  2. Drop the flash, Adopt ISO – Learn More.

Stay Home, and Enjoy your time!

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