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Message From the President

Welcome to the 13th edition of KICconnect 

KIC has now completed its first online assessment diet for exams and I am proud of the incredible effort that enabled this, from students, staff and faculty.  Over 200 exams were conducted during a 12-day period, with an average attendance of 97% and very few absences due to technical reasons.  Well Done Everyone, and good luck in your exams.
We have now gone live with the ERP for Finance, another step in our digital transformation, that forms part of our strategic plan.  I am confident that our finance and procurements systems will be based online and become more efficient. 
Today we commenced the E-Learning Review with an external review panel from CAA.  This will be going on.
Yesterday, I attended three internship presentations by students in the Department of Health Sciences.  It made me so proud to listen and watch presentations of excellent quality delivered with confidence and professionalism by our students. Well Done and thank you Dr. Reham and all the faculty and academic staff in the department.  Your students are a credit to you.
Still on the topic of health, I am delighted to let you know that KIC is currently collaborating with SEHA, to train non-respiratory care professionals to support respiratory therapists in acute care settings / intensive care units.  These skills are so vital in these uncertain times. This is part of KIC commitment to support the national effort to combat COVID-19.
Our thoughts and best wishes are always with our students and colleagues who have tested positive for Covid-19, some of whom are receiving treatment, whilst others are in quarantine.  We wish them a speedy recovery.   This reminds us of the necessity to keep up good practices in order to protect our own health, and that of our friends, families, and colleagues.

Stay at home, stay safe,
خليك في البيت
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Trending at KIC

ERP Systems Go Live

One step closer towards full-fledged digital readiness.

KIC, Abu Dhabi / Al Ain.
10 May 2020

10 May 2020 marked the launch of ERP systems at KIC, namely PeopleSoft for Finance & Procurement departments.

“The system will help us in alleviating many challenges” noted KIC President and the CEO of KHC Dr. Assem Al Hajj. Integration of Enterprise Resource Planning systems on a holding level is a transition of business processes changing the overall approach to workflow management, effectiveness, accuracy, and efficiency. This means that time-consuming tasks are now automated, reporting is available a click away, internal processes are streamlined considering the systematic approval chain, in addition to other benefits to the internal and external stakeholders. Above all, KHC, KIC, and KTS staff will have on the go access to the system via their mobile devices, by that enhancing flexibility and efficiency.

Implementation of ERP systems in addition to the recent launch of Blackboard, are just steps in KIC’s strategic mission pertaining to Digital transformation and digital readiness.

Distance Learning Myth Shattered

KIC online examinations are as safe and controlled as their traditional counterpart.

KIC, Abu Dhabi / Al Ain.
April, May 2020

KIC’s use of BlackBoard open LMS is in full swing as the college is using its feature to conduct examinations in a secure and convenient environment.

Since the first two weeks of examinations, more than 1500 students passed their exams, averaging 4 to 5 exams per student.  A total of 6000 to 7500 exam entries were submitted via BlackBoard open LMS. Technical problems associated with the particularities of specific platforms using Windows, Apple, or Linux, were sorted out efficiently. 

KIC students are able to undertake their examination in a safe, secure, and convenient environment, using different OS and devices, coupled with Respondus Lockdown Browser that's integrated with KIC Blackboard Open LMS, and does not allow to print, copy, go to another URL, or access other applications.

Click here to learn more about KIC Digital Readiness.

You are not Alone.

KIC Faculty views on Work from Home.
Working from Home is quite a new experience for most of us. Although different than our normal teaching hours, it makes us self-disciplined, focused, and more productive. We learn time management skills and how to schedule and balance between work and personal lives. We became more independent and self-directing.

Ms. Kauser Fatima
Senior Lecturer - GE

My Overall experience of online Teaching is fun but also challenging at the same time. I would like to suggest that you infuse your personality into your writing and engage students in your content with humor and a positive outlook. Take this experience as an opportunity to explore a different pedagogy that is sure to enhance creativity and communication skills when you remain open to what you can learn as well.

Dr. Muhammad Khan
Assistant Professor – IT

Working from home provided me with a flexible schedule to balance both work and home. Homely environment, keeps me energetic the whole day.
Within the online teaching framework, using the internet as a classroom provides the ability to conduct classes, discussions and group work with students from across multiple time zones. I can include students and teachers from diverse geographical locations for discussions in my class.

Dr. Nidhi Oswal 
Assistant Professor - BA

Zen Gatherings

Keeping the Team Motivated

KIC, Abu Dhabi / Al Ain.
30 April, 7 May  2020

To boost morale and to stay motivated, connected, and determined, KIC marketing team has adopted weekly Zen Gatherings.

Once a week, the team conducts 15 - 30 mins gatherings to talk about anything except for work. Essentially, this replaces those important morning small talks. Zen Gathering is a space to talk things out, discuss challenges, problems, cat updates, new cooking recipes, and daily stress coping tips.

Try it out and email us on to share your success stories.

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Featuring Mr. Adeel Ur Rehman Khokhar, Senior Admissions Officer

What are you most curious about in life?    
I’m curious about life, which stretches into interest in metaphysics.

What are the failures that you most cherish?  
If anything doesn't go as planned, I take it as a motivation to think outside the box. Without failure or the fear of failure no one can think outside the box.

If you could go back five years, what advice would you give your younger self?
I think my life has turned out alright even without this. However, if I could go back, the first advice I'll give to myself "Go invest $1000 in Bitcoins"

What do you do outside of the work environment?    
I enjoy working out in the gym, spending time with my family, traveling with them and watching tv. 
What is the most courageous thing you have done in your life? 
Leaving my home country and family behind when shifted to UAE was the most courageous thing I ever did.

What keeps you motivated during the quarantine?
I still set my regular alarm as normal days and make a to-do list. I try to work as per the normal work timings. It keeps me motivated and busy during the quarantine.

What is your favourite film/series and why?    
Dirilis Ertugrul (A Turkish TV show) is my favorite tv series.  I have an interest in history, therefore, I like to watch it.
 How are YOU 
 staying motivated during the quarantine?
 If you got some interesting tips and stories,
share them with us!
Submit Your Tips & Stories

Tips & Trivia

Al-Khwarizmi: The Abstract Language

Following the previous issues of KICconnect, by now you should know a thing or two about Al Khwarizmi. Obviously, you already know that algebra was one of his contributions, a word derived from the title of a mathematical text he called “Al-Kitab al-mukhtasar fi hisab al-jabr wa’l-muqabala. Al-Khwarizmi wanted to go from the specific problems to a more general way of analyzing problems, by that creating an abstract mathematical language which is used across the world today.
Click here to learn more.

B&W Photography Challenge. 

brought to you by the Graphic Dept.

In the previous issues, we have covered some photography tips. It’s time to put your skills to practice but with a little twist. Shoot in Black and White.

For the longest time, black and white film photography was the only medium available when it came to capturing the most precious moments. Nowadays, shooting in Black and White is a style. Have you ever noticed the mystery that each b&w photo holds? 

Challenge your self to take some black and white photos while staying at home. Here are some tips 

  • Tip1: Choose a simple object or subject.
  • Tip2: Look for a pattern if you would like something abstract.
  • Tip3: Use the Flash. Again it’s a different photography style.
  • Tip4: Experiment with Filters before uploading to Instagram. Each filter offers a different level of exposure and contrasts, highlights and shadows.

Upload these to Instagram with hashtag #BWwithKIC. If we have some interesting shots, we will feature them in the next issue.

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