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Message From the President

Dear Colleagues,
The KIC vaccination campaign is in full swing as the SEHA team visited Al Bahia campus on 14 January to administer the first round of dose 1 of the Sinopharm vaccination to KIC staff, students, and their families. They returned on 28 January for the second round of dose 1. On the 4 February, the SEHA team will be offering the first round of dose 2. The Al Ain campus will have the vaccination campaign taking place this week.  
I encourage all members of the KIC community to get the vaccination to protect themselves. It is essential that anyone entering the KIC premises in Al Bahia or Al Ain complies with the Covid-19 protocols. 
Following our recent institutional relicensure success, I would like to let you know that we will be hosting CAA again in March for a visit that will focus on our IT program reaccreditation, together with an institutional audit. A task group has been set up to ensure readiness for the visit.
Following on from the Ministry of Education Readiness Visit that took place in November 2020, the team at KIC has now prepared a plan of activities in response to their recommendations. Many thanks to all that participated in getting this ready. 
I am happy to be welcoming new students into the KIC community, continuing students back for the Spring Semester and new members of faculty into the organisation as KIC continues to expand and thrive. In this semester teaching arrangements will continue in a blended fashion, with practical classes likely to commence in week four.
Stay safe stay well,

Dr Assem Al Hajj
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Issue Highlights:

Trending at KIC

 A Success Streak 

Blended Learning at KIC Increasingly Engages the Students.

28 January, 2021

KIC reports an upward trend in the number of average weekly registrations and active students during Fall 2020/21 as compared to the previous period.

A total of 11,418 average weekly registrations were recorded, which is a 9% increase as opposed to Spring 2019/20.  The average weekly percentage of students being active during the sessions reached 94%, a 4% increase as opposed to the previous semester.

Spring 19/20.can be marked as the most transformative semester at KIC, addressing the challenges posed by the lockdown, and introduction of a distance learning platform. Even during that time, data has shown that digital transformation appealed to the students, as they could still attend their sessions without facing any academic setbacks.

In line with health and safety developments and the guidance of the Ministry of Education in the UAE, KIC opted for a blended learning format, to ensure the delivery of practicals. Over the course of past two years, KIC preemptively invested in digital transformation infrastructure, such as Blackboard Open LMS, PeopleSoft Campus Solutions (SIS), ERP, Blue Explorance, and other tools.

The President noted several factors that stimulated digital transformation. Regulatory authorities, technology & infrastructure, policies, resources availability, stakeholders’ response, leadership and clarity of goals, and of course the pandemic, were the major catalysts of change.

Khawarizmi International College addressed and capitalized upon these factors to introduce alternative learning platforms that would keep its students on their academic track.

Dr. Al-Hajj highlighted the college’s investments in learning management systems, enterprise resource planning systems, and other critical IT infrastructure that enabled the digitalization of the related processes.

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KIC Students, Faculty, and Staff, Get the COVID-19 Vaccine.

KIC, Al Bahiya Campus, Abu Dhabi
28 January, 2021

KIC community continues to support the initiated COVID-19 vaccination campaign at Al Bahya campus, as the second batch of students, faculty, staff, and their families took their first vaccine shot.

The initiative was conducted in line with the ministry's directives in supporting the safety of the individuals of the educational community in facing coronavirus, in coordination with governmental authorities, as a part of the national mission to fight COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention, multiple vaccines have been developed and are currently available to protect against the novel coronavirus. These are Sinopharm, Pfizer-BioNTech, Sputnik V. The vaccines are offered to UAE citizens and residents free of charge and on an optional basis after ensuring their health-based eligibility.

Vaccination does not only protect the beneficiaries but also curbs the spread of COVID-19. As of 27 January 2021, 2.7 million doses of the vaccine were administered in the UAE.
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 Another Win! 

KIC Students Excel on the Football Field.

Al Maktoum Stadium, Dubai
23 January, 2021

Ahmed AlHashmi, KIC Mass Communication student,  contributed to Shabab Al Ahli first title of the season in the UAE Super Cup.

When it comes to football, KIC students are renowned for their winning abilities. Before the lockdown, KIC football teams in ADISL and Futsal leagues, claimed the championships, with 7 wins - 0 Losses, and 5 wins - 1 loss respectively.

Click here to read more about the match.

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Students' Corner:

 Meet our Top Students! 


Farah Bassam Shaikh Ahmad

Bachelor's in Health Management (BHM), Abu Dhabi Campus.

AGPA: 4.0

Favorite Subject: 
My favourite subject was Critical Thinking. It is a very unique course that opens your mind to the different perspectives of others and teaches you how to support your opinion in an appropriate and unbiased manner, while also making strong points in the argument. Even though a lot of students said it was a difficult course, but it actually becomes a very easy one as you begin to understand it and try to enjoy it rather than "study" it. 

Learning to play the guitar, playing video games, reading, and spending time with animals.

Favorite Moment(s) at KIC. 
Spending time with my friends, the graduation day back when I finished Associate Diploma in Health Management, and participating in "Meet the Entrepreneurs" event.


Top Social Snapshot! 


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Featuring Ms Catherine Hogan, Director of Institutional Quality, Effectiveness & Accreditation (IQEA).
What are you most curious about in life?    
Trying to find a short answer to this question... History, art, politics, astronomy, sport and more: all sorts of things catch my attention and feature in my google searches...

What are the failures that you most cherish?  
I like the quote from Thomas Edison, lightbulb inventor: “I haven’t failed, just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” 
I’ve tried to see failures or obstacles as learning opportunities: whether new ways of doing things or new life lessons, it’s all useful for the future.

If you could go back five years, what advice would you give your younger self?
“Sign up for another Arabic language course” – I’ve taken some courses and want to do more.

What do you do outside of the work environment?    
I’m an avid football fan: I’ve been a supporter of Arsenal FC since I was very young. I was born in London and they are my home town club.
I also have a keen interest in international politics, so I read the news and in-depth articles.
Reading, watching movies, swimming and listening to music as well.
What is the most courageous thing you have done in your life? 
After a long career UK university administration, I resigned from Oxford University in 2010 and did consultancy work while deciding on next steps. I accepted a job at a university in Egypt and, when that fell through, I moved in March 2011 to take up a Head of Quality Assurance job in Bahrain. Nine years and two other jobs later, this led to coming to Abu Dhabi to join KIC – another rewarding move. 
Although I wouldn’t have picked this word to describe myself, on reflection I guess being willing to take the opportunities that life presents to you is in fact courageous.

What is your favourite film/series and why?  
Series: Dr Who (though not current show-runner or lead actor: a comment that shows just how addicted I am). Also Star Trek. I think it’s because both take universal themes and translate them into good plot stories that evoke the whole range of emotions.
Film: Stardust because it’s a fantasy with a gorgeous musical score; Face/Off because it’s the perfect action movie with two great lead actors; plus others that I could watch over and over including Casablanca and Star Wars and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly and... there are just too many!

Tips & Trivia

Al-Khwarizmi: On Astronomy

Under the caliphate of al-Maʾmūn, Al-Khwarizmi worked at the Dar al Ḥikma (House of Wisdom) located in Baghdad. There, they acquired and translated scientific and philosophic treatises. Also known as the Grand Library of Bagdad, Dar al Hikma also published original research. By the second half of the ninth century, Al-Ma'mun's Bayt al-Hikma was the greatest repository of books in the world and had become one of the greatest hubs of intellectual activity in the Middle Ages, attracting the most brilliant minds including Al Khwarizmi. Click here to read more.

Protect Your USB.

How to Stay Safe in a Digital World!

BitLocker is a full volume encryption feature included with Microsoft Windows versions. It is designed to protect data by providing encryption for entire volumes.

To enable BitLocker encryption on a USB flash drive, perform the following steps:

Insert and browse to the USB flash drive.
Right-click the USB flash drive or external hard drive, and then click on Turn on BitLocker.
On the Choose how you want to unlock this drive window, choose Use a password to unlock the drive

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