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Message From the President

The last week of August is for Academician and students a transitional period where an academic year is ending and a new one is about to start. 

2020-2021 was the year of successful digital transformation, the year of shifting from emergency distance learning to effective distance learning. It was also the opportunity for KIC to confirm its position as an accredited higher education institution delivering applied quality education, meeting the international academic standards. 

With the start of 2021-2022 KIC family including students, academics, and administrative staff, are engaging together with a lot of determination and clear targets and goals in a new experience of a smart blended learning with a considerable component of a face to face delivery preparing and engaging in a back to normal path led by the outstanding UAE achievements in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic situation. 

Hence let us together deploy our utmost efforts and engage with the highest commitment in order to make the new smart blending delivery experience an additional success and memorable year of hard work, learning, and achievements.

Together we believe together we do achieve. 

With my best wishes of success.  

Professor Nabil Hassen El Kadhi
CEO/President – KHC/KIC
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Trending at KIC

Student Fees & Scholarships Update

Learn More About the Tuition Fees and Scholarships that Reach up to 100%

August, 2021

Khawarizmi International College has updated its Student Fees policy reflecting the increase in program fees.

The financial update is in line with the contemporary developments, and investments related to hybrid learning infrastructure and the introduction of The Excellence Program, a new set of scholarships to provide financial support to KIC future and current students.
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The change in tuition and non-tuition fees comes in line with KIC’s mission to deliver an inclusive learning platform whereby students can pursue their academic goals without any setbacks. Just in the recent academic year. The college has swiftly adopted distance learning and blended learning formats by digitalizing academic and administrative functions. This has been manifested by the integration of international grade ERP systems, the introduction of an online registration system, and other backend enhancements.

KIC managed to create a digital environment that was successful in delivering a triple dimensional (3D) learning experience via high fidelity simulators, online and blended learning formats. The college also invested in the reimagining of its examination approach to ensure a proper test of the learning outcomes. 

Such initiatives and investments positively impacted student engagement, satisfaction, retention, credit-hour average per student, and other related performance indicators, evidently highlighting the success of the renovated infrastructure. Such a success story reaffirms KIC’s strong position in delivering blended and distance learning programs in their full scope, whenever required.

KIC, however, recognizes the various financial challenges its current and prospective students might face. Early this month (August, 2021), KIC has rolled-out the Excellence Program.  The program rewards the students based on their academic/community achievements, to provide equal opportunities for excelling high school graduates, frontliners, and their families, reward current students for their outstanding achievements, and support the community at large.
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The Future of Education

On the Role of AI in Shaping Academic Journeys

August 28, 2021

KIC President, Prof. Nabil El Kadhi, presented his research based views on the roles of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Higher Education, in during the World Education and Technology Summit 2021, organized by International Summit of Leaders

According to Prof. El Kadhi the future of higher education will be a learner-centered one, which is powered by AI. AI will be able to customize the academic journey based on student's pace, learning capacity, and academic progression. The insights were drawn upon the increased rates of AI implementation in terms of adoption and publications, a phenomenon that was facilitated by expanded computational boundaries.

AI in Higher Education serves various purposes. Course delivery, learning experience, simulation, evaluation, screening, and retention were just among the few mentioned examples. Prof. El Kadhi highlighted the implementation of AI at Khawarizmi International College, in terms of running labs and delivering high-quality educational content.

Overall, Prof. El Kadhi highlighted the positive impact of technology implementation in Higher Education, based on KIC performance statistics related to online and hybrid learning experiences. Reportedly, KIC witnessed improved engagement of students, low absenteeism levels, effective learning journey, proctoring, and more efficient use of the database,  while delivering more than 240 courses at a given time frame.

International Summit of Leaders is the largest gathering of Leaders from different countries. The summit provides a platform to network; learn about education development, technology innovation and agricultural tools, as well as the technology trends and sustainability initiatives that are influencing the sectors. World Education and Technology Summit 2021 was organized with the objective of promoting innovations in education.

AI in Higher Education

KIC’s Blended Learning Format Gains International Exposure.

August 7, 2021

KIC President, Prof. Nabil El Kadhi, led a thought-provoking seminar on the roles of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in education, addressing international students from Europe and Asia.

Tackling the topic of Smart Education and Blended Learning framework and given the performance reports, Prof. El Kadhi discussed implications of AI on the overall learning ecosystem, that course delivery, student screening, teaching assistance, high fidelity simulators, and proctoring, and other factors that are imperative to achieving an engaging academic journey.

Prof. El Kadhi reflected on KIC’s success story in addressing the pandemic. He highlighted the provision of an inclusive and adaptive platform based on leading global technologies that enabled the delivery of the blended programs to a wide range of learners, and the development of appropriate skills for successful careers in the 21st century.

The conducted seminar was a part of the virtual summer school short-term study program organized by KIC’s academic partner Istanbul Aydin University. Earlier this year, Khawarizmi International College and Istanbul Aydin University signed a Memorandum of Understanding to establish long-term coordination and cooperation in Higher Education, Research, and Executive Education.
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KIC Open Week

KIC Faculty Members Meet Prospective Students

August 2-4, 2021

In a series of information sessions covering several academic departments, KIC hosted prospective students in its annual Virtual Open Week.

The virtual platform enabled the students to meet the faculty and learn more about the academic programs, where they learned about academic requirements, specializations, and career paths, associated with career and job market-oriented programs, that are aligned with Abu Dhabi Vision 2030.
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KIC Research

Quality Management in Respiratory Care


Dr. Manjush Karthika

Program Leader and Assistant Professor - Respiratory Care

The word “quality” refers to the features of a product or service to which a certain value is ascribed. When it comes to hospital-based practices, quality has often been considered to be specific to the care provided. However, this specific perspective is transitioning toward a broader concept after the evolution of quality-improvement projects and quality frameworks at the organizational level. Respiratory therapy departments have been identified as an essential part of any hospital because the key nature of discipline for respiratory therapists is widely understood. Due to their professional accountability and professional values, respiratory therapists often have administrative roles in infection control practices and quality-improvement projects. Therefore, it would be ideal to have a core team of respiratory therapists trained in quality management and to initiate quality-improvement processes at the departmental level. Every respiratory therapy department should have its own quality-improvement team to assist with the process of training, implementation, and analysis. Thus, this article aimed to discuss the role of respiratory therapists and respiratory therapy departments in quality-improvement processes and projects to set benchmarks and enhance outcomes.

Find It Here:
Respiratory Care, September 2021;66(9):1485-1494. DOI:
Published online August 18, 2021.
PubMed ID: 34408082
Published by Respiratory Care, the official science journal of the American Association for Respiratory Care.Print ISSN 0020-1324, Online ISSN 1943-3654

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Students' Corner:

 Meet our Top Students! 


Wasan Abdelsalam Mohammed Abdelkarim

Bachelors in Medical Lab Analysis (BMLA), Al Ain Campus.

AGPA: 3.93

Favorite Subject: 
Medical Laboratory Analysis has various interesting sub-divisions, but personally, for me, I would say my favorite subject would be microbiology. Microbiology is a fascinating course in my opinion because it shows how such small microorganisms are capable of causing diseases for human and other living organism. In addition to playing a crucial role in identifying the causative agent by performing various biochemical assays, immunoassays, and molecular techniques done in the lab that is diverting and interesting at the same time. Apart from microbiology being a vital subdivision of medical analysis, its discovery provided answers to worldwide epidemics and disease and gave rise to the discovery of the most suitable medications for treatment for every case.


Favorite Moment at KIC:
Though I've enjoyed my whole journey at KIC, my favorite moment would be when I carried out practical procedures in the lab for the first time because it was a new and intriguing experience for me and in addition to that it provided an opportunity for me and other students to experiment the concepts of the theoretical lectures by carrying them out in the lab with the help of the lab instructors providing us with experience for our future career.

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Featuring Ms. Christine A. Castro, Senior HR Officer.

What are you most curious about in life?    
I am curious about life in general but nowadays, I am most curious about COVID19 pandemic, the “real” medication to treat the virus, and when it will come to an end so we can go back to “old normal”.

What are the failures that you most cherish?  
When I decided to leave my stable job in the Philippines for a supposedly good offer abroad, only to find out that it was a scam.  I struggled a lot but by God’s grace, I managed the situation and finally got a better opportunity.  Sometimes the wrong choices lead us to the right places.

If you could go back five years, what advice would you give your younger self?
I missed a lot of opportunities because I held myself back so I would have advised myself to keep going, have confidence and believe in myself.  Also, no matter how busy life is, you can always find time to further your studies and/or work on your professional improvement.  It is never too late to pursue your dreams.
What do you do outside of the work environment?    
I spend a lot of my spare time keeping in touch with my family through video calling. I also enjoy watching good movies, and at times, hanging out with my friends.

What is the most courageous thing you have done in your life? 
I have always been fond of traveling, exploring new places and try new things but coming to the UAE alone and not knowing what was in store for me was different. It was not easy in the beginning, I was taken aback for a while and made a lot of adjustments. 

What is your favourite film/series and why?  
One of my favorite movies is “Life is Beautiful” as it shows that life is as beautiful as we want it and as we make it to be, it teaches how to cope up with the unexpected and will inspire you to smile even under the direst circumstances.

Tips & Trivia

Al-Khwarizmi: 💡 On Astronomy

Under the caliphate of al-Maʾmūn, Al-Khwarizmi worked at the Dar al Ḥikma (House of Wisdom) located in Baghdad. There, they acquired and translated scientific and philosophic treatises. Also known as the Grand Library of Bagdad, Dar al Hikma also published original research. By the second half of the ninth century, Al-Ma'mun's Bayt al-Hikma was the greatest repository of books in the world and had become one of the greatest hubs of intellectual activity in the Middle Ages, attracting the most brilliant minds including Al Khwarizmi. 

Protect Your USB.

BitLocker is a full-volume encryption feature included with Microsoft Windows versions. It is designed to protect data by providing encryption for entire volumes.

To enable BitLocker encryption on a USB flash drive, perform the following steps:

Insert and browse to the USB flash drive.
Right-click the USB flash drive or external hard drive, and then click on Turn on BitLocker.
On the Choose how you want to unlock this drive window, choose Use a password to unlock the drive.

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