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Message From the President

Welcome to issue #16 of KICconnect.

I am happy to share with you that the CAA ERT re-licensure virtual visit was concluded yesterday Sunday 21 June. The ERT members have expressed their thanks to all those at KIC who have participated in the preparations and conduct of the Virtual Visit. 

Amongst the positive aspects noted by ERT members which can be mentioned at this stage, is that we are ambitious in our vision and have an impressive campus in Al Bahia. Some of our main strengths are our diversity, as well as our student-centered ethos. We also enjoy a strong relationship with ADU which is broadening our access to more resources.  They also noted that KIC has come through many challenges and has been able to develop a transformation strategy to achieve its strategic goal of growth and sustainability.  The ERT members identified areas for further development at KIC. These would include: enhancing our use of institutional research and data analysis to draw conclusions and make decisions that support continuous improvement;  improving the quality of our publications and doing more to establish institutionally based research.

I believe that the ERT Relicensure visit was a very positive experience and I am delighted with the initial feedback and optimistic for a positive outcome. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate and thank everyone at KIC for a well structured and organized visit. I also would like to thank you all for your perseverance over the last 14 months, as we have worked together through countless issues, documents and problems, to improve the standard of our submission and chances of obtaining re-licensure approval.  

I would like to sincerely thank all those involved in the Virtual Visit for their continued commitment to the future success of KIC. This includes:
  • The members of KIC's Relicensure Group who have met regularly and worked hard during the preparation period
  • The KIC Student Council and all other students who participated in the interviews
  • Members of the Program Advisory Boards especially Dr Abbas, Dr Yasser, Dr Tracie and Dr Amir
  • Anjali for her outstanding effort throughout the re-licensure journey
  • Dr Hani and his team
  • Omar, Amir and the marketing and communication teams
  • Khalid Kunna and the Admissions and Registration team
  • Ahmed Abd Elraouf and Al Ain campus colleagues
  • Hala and the  HR team
  • Mohammed Noor and the IT team
  • Abdullah Esmat
  • Nisamudhee, Azuka and the facility team
  • HODs of academic departments and their teams: Dr Majdi, Dr Reham, Dr Ibnaouf, Dr Mukti and Dr Santosh for IT and research 
  • Ahmed El Sayed, Raed and the team in Finance department
  • Jihad and the team in procurement
  • Dr Khalid Ismail and the team in LRC
  • Farah Bouhamdan for her excellent support
  • A big thank you to our consultants Carol Barron and Ahmed Taher
I would also like to give a special mention to Dr Nabil El Kadhi, KIC VP Academic Affairs, and Ms Catherine Hogan, Director of IQEA, for the extraordinary effort and commitment they have shown in rising to this challenge. They have both worked tirelessly since they took up their respective posts at KIC to guide colleagues and prepare evidence, which improved our readiness tremendously. I would also like to extend my gratitude to the team at Abu Dhabi University, especially Dr. Mohammed Parakandi and his team. 

No thanks would be complete without mentioning our Board of Trustees, in particular, Dr. Ali Bin Harmal and the Chairman’s Office team, Dr. Naeem Radi and Mr. Abdullah Osseiran, whose leadership has underpinned our efforts, and been a constant, positive support throughout the re-licensure journey. 
Stay Safe.
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Trending at KIC

KIC Hosts CAA Virtual Visit

Evaluating the Standards for Licensure.

KIC, Abu Dhabi & Al Ain
14 - 21 June, 2020

The External Review Team (ERT) appointed, by the Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA) of the Ministry of Education in the UAE, made an online visit to KIC about the college’s relicensure.

The Virtual Visit involved a series of meetings with KIC students, faculty, staff, and a range of other KIC stakeholders as part of their activities. The Renewal of Licensure is the institutional level process by which an institution is authorized by the Ministry to continue providing its educational programs.

This visit was the final stage of a process that has been going on in KIC since mid-2019, starting with the development and submission to CAA of a Self-Study Report (SSR) with supporting evidence, the drawing up of a list of actions to improve and the holding of regular meetings of the KIC Relicensure Group.

The relicensure process is an evaluation of KIC and of the extent to which the college meets the Standards for Licensure, which are set out in the CAA Standards 2011. This evaluation is made against several things:

  • The self-study report (SSR) and evidence which KIC submitted in October 2019
  • The 48 items of evidence that the CAA ERT requested
  • The 35 items of extra evidence that KIC supplied, together with a detailed Standards Updates Report which covered developments and improvements since October 2019
  • The Virtual Visit’s schedule of online 32 meetings involving KIC management, heads of the academic department, faculty, heads of administrative departments/units and our key stakeholders: students and members of the Board of Trustees and Program Advisory Boards.

The ERT process is to triangulate between these various sources of information in order to form a view on the extent to which KIC meets the Standards for licensure and to make a recommendation to CAA as to whether KIC’s license to deliver programs can be renewed.
The Virtual Visit concluded on June 21st with an Exit Meeting at which KIC was given a brief overview of the situation.

The next step is for CAA to send the draft report, likely to be received in the next few weeks. Then KIC has two months to respond to the requirements and submit our response to CAA. Once our response has been considered, the ERT makes a recommendation to CAA as to whether Licensure should be renewed.

At this stage, CAA’s ERT members have very clearly expressed their thanks to all those at KIC who have participated in the preparations and conduct of the Virtual Visit. Among the positive aspects noted by CAA which can be mentioned at this stage is the clear commitment and support of KIC’s communities of students, staff, Trustees, and community contributors.

Similarly, KIC’s management add their sincere thanks to all involved in the Virtual Visit and for their continued commitment to the future success of KIC.

Summer I: KIC Welcomes New Students

Student Affairs department welcomes students via Online Orientation session.

KIC, Abu Dhabi & Al Ain
9 June, 2020

Student Affairs department has organized an online orientation session to formally greet new and continuing students, aiming to provide proper induction and ensure a smooth academic and social journey at the college.

Students got the chance to meet various faculty and staff during the online orientation. Extending a warm welcome, the session was commenced with KIC’s president Dr. Assem Al-Hajj. Following his speech, the students received academic orientation and got in-depth guidance on advising services and procedures. In addition to that, they got introduced to administrative services, student council, social clubs, and health and safety guidelines.
During Summer I, KIC saw a 23% y.o.y increase in registrations.

Click on the below article to learn more.
Registrations Demonstrate an Upward Trend at KIC.

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KIC Conducts its First Media e-Forum

Mass Media roles during the COVID-19 pandemic.

KIC, Abu Dhabi / Al Ain.
13 June, 2020

Mass Communication department at KIC has conducted its first-ever Media e-Forum to discuss the roles of Mass Media and during the COVID-19 pandemic, attracting more than 90 participants.

The e-Forum has attracted KIC residents, Mass Media professionals, and the general public. Two key speakers from KIC Mass Communication dept. represented the college at the forum. Dr. Ahmad Saker reflected on the positive influence of Mass Media during the pandemic, and Dr. Rania Al-Kheir presented the negative aspects of Mass Media and delved into the subject of news falsifications. Dr. Ibnaouf Ahmed, head of Mass Communication department at KIC, has moderated the event and has involved some of the key participants in the discussion.


Dr. Gamal AlShaer, Director of the National Media Authority (Egypt), Dr. Ahmad Farouk Radwan, Associate Professor at University of Sharjah, Dr. Mohammed Soleiman, Assistant Professor at Mansoura University, and Dr. Sherine Moussa, Assistant Professor at Ajman University, were among the key participants. They highlighted the impact of social media on traditional mass media. Collectively, guest speakers stressed the importance of presenting true stories rather than just numbers, to compensate for information overload and creating awareness. As it was mentioned, mass media is not about spreading information rather it’s all about awareness.

The Good and The Bad

KIC presents its views on the impact of Mass Media during COVID-19.

SchWlar, Regional.
14 June 2020

Dr.Ghada Salih, Program Leader of Mass communication at KIC, participated in a webinar organized by SchWlar to discuss the visual and audible impacts of mass media during COVID-19 pandemic.

The discussion highlighted the impact of the pandemic on the increased volume of falsified news. The highlights ranged from false medical and scientific claims to conspiracy theories. The webinar also recapped the feedback of users and research pertaining to the fabricated news. Basically, there are two drivers behind news fabrication. One is related to monetary gain and another is related to fame. The discussion's final note stressed the importance of remaining vigilant when it comes to news consumption on social media.

Essentials of Respiratory Care during COVID-19

KIC Health and Medical Sciences Dept. trains Medical Professionals amidst the Pandemic.

SEHA, Abu Dhabi / Al Ain.
10 May - 8 June 2020

In a series of training events, KIC Health and Medical Sciences Department has trained the Healthcare Professionals of SEHA, with the essential skills in Respiratory Care, as a part of National preparedness to combat the COVID 19 Pandemic.

More than 150 SEHA affiliated Physicians, Nurses, and Allied health professionals were trained to acquire the necessary Respiratory Care skills. The program aimed to prepare the participants to support Respiratory Therapists in the Intensive Care units (ICUs). The series of two-day workshops provided rigorous, interactive, and hands-on intensive care training to the delegates according to their scope of practice in ICUs. The post-training evaluation included theory exams and competency-based assessments to test and award them with CME accredited Certification.

KIC has pioneered the introduction of a Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Care (BSRC)  program in the UAE. The rapidly growing health care sector and unexpected pandemic crisis, like COVID-19, have highlighted the crucial need for highly qualified and skilled Respiratory Care Specialists. The BSRC program at KIC aims to prepare its graduates to be competent and resourceful in meeting the requirements of the booming healthcare industry and thereby to stand high as patient advocates.

Learn more about BSRC program.

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In the previous issues of KICconnect different facts and curiosities were presented pertaining to AlKwarizmi.

Among his countless scientific contributions, it’s the mathematical works that had given him the spotlight, whereby he introduced Hindu-Arabic numerals and algebra to European mathematicians. As you already know, the words algorithm and algebra come from his name and the title of one of his works.

Easy Photography at Home. 

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This week we continue with Photography at Home rubric, and we are going to talk about Oil and Water.

Because of their molecular structure, oil and water don’t mix, thus creating interesting visual effects for artists, like you, to capture. Ideally, you will have to use a macro lens and shooting will be top-down. But this is art, so you can experiment. Try this easy exercise at home, and share with us your creations.
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