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Message From the President

Welcome to the 15th edition of KIC Connect.  

This week’s message is brief. While writing it, I was happy to be disturbed by the sound of an airplane passing over my head. This is a sign that things are slowly returning back to normal.

Next week will be the most important week for KIC in the last six years. The CAA External Review Team will be with us evaluating our application for re-licensure, meeting our students, faculty, staff, and a range of other KIC stakeholders as part of their activities. It is our collective responsibility to showcase KIC at its best. We have made great progress and can be proud of our achievements over the last 18 months.

I am happy to report that KIC profile continues to grow. There is an upward trend in our recruitment statistics for summer I and II semesters. We are excited to meet our new and returning students at the virtual orientation event tomorrow.

Please Stay Safe,
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Trending at KIC

At the Forefront of the UAE Education  Revolution

Students choose Khawarizmi International College for a reason.

The Business Year Forum, Dubai.
8 June, 2020

Dr. Assem Al-Hajj represented KIC at the eForum “Education Revolution” where the panelists discussed various facings, challenges, and implications of the changing education landscape.

The eForum was organized by The Business Year Events and brought up different topics pertaining to the contemporary dynamics of the education sector. Although COVID-19  was the catalyst for the increased adoption of Distance Learning, the impact stretches far beyond the current needs and challenges, unveiling the concepts of blended learning, introductions simulators, and the use of AI in the near future.  In all cases, technology and advanced IT-based infrastructure is a clear roadmap for any educational institution.

As mentioned by Dr. Al-Hajj, "IT helped in responding to the pandemic. We’ve been cautious about the ways we reacted to the developments. We constantly received guidelines from the authorities, indicating the level of intensive work to catch up with the situation and reach the right decisions".

Panelists, Dr. Kenneth Vedra, Mr. Geoffrey Alphonso, and Dr. Assem Al-Hajj, highlighted that there was no chance to ease in when it comes to adapting to the distance learning platform. The situation did not leave any choice. As Dr. Assem mentioned, KIC's response was swift and proactive. In two weeks, the necessary training was conducted. The commitment and cooperation exhibited by the students, faculty, staff, and suppliers, made the shift as smooth and easy as it could be.

Students satisfaction is extremely high with KIC online teaching, learning and support services to help with the transition. This was manifested in increased interactions and in-class engagements. 

Beyond the achievements that are related to distance learning, KIC president highlighted the college's strategic approach when it comes to growth and program diversification. KIC growth lies in its alignment with Abu Dhabi 2030 vision. This vision is focused on STEM based disciplines, among which medical programs represent significant importance. The newly introduced medical programs, namely Emergency Medical Care and Respiratory Care, are now at the forefront of demand, considering the pandemic.

The panelists agreed that these changes were only feasible with the strategic vision and wise leadership of the UAE.

Last but not least, the session highlighted that the newly adopted formats of distance learning, as well as the upcoming learning formats, will take into account students with special needs. "Nobody will be disadvantaged."

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Registrations Demonstrate an Upward Trend at KIC.

Students choose Khawarizmi International College for a reason.

KIC, Abu Dhabi / Al Ain.
1 June, 2020

KIC saw a 23% year-on-year increase in registrations as opposed to the previous Summer I semester, indicating that students are recognizing associated benefits offered at the college.

The enrollment report came out as soon as the registration doors closed, showcasing increasing interest in KIC. Students are flocking around the college recognizing the enrollment benefits. Traditionally, students would join KIC to benefit from applied learning, a flexible environment, and friendly campus life. Now, having witnessed the successful digital transformation, current and future students are confident with the level of Distance Learning Competence.

This is further evident with Summer II pre-registrations, which are already at 85%. This trust echoes the success of digital transformation, KIC has witnessed during Spring 19/20. 

Students have responded extremely positively to the transformation to online learning. Attendance was excellent and the percentage of active students reached beyond 90%. total attended seats racked at 47K seats and 4.8K face-to-face hours during the Spring semester. Another important aspect of distance learning is related to examinations. Amounting to 4,345 exam instances, 183 exams were conducted. KIC also introduced extracurricular activities to venture beyond the distance learning experience.

Click here to learn more.

Blackboard Collaborate

Faculty and Staff receive a full-fledged formal training.

KIC, Abu Dhabi / Al Ain.
2,3 June 2020

KIC continues to widen the scope of Blackboard Open LMS utilization to cover the increasing needs of the college and students.

The IT department has delivered two separate workshops to KIC faculty and IT administrators. The move is essential to integrate all educational services under one roof, aiming to yield numerous benefits. Beyond scheduling and attending online sessions, in addition to undertaking secure examinations, faculty and students can now collaborate with each other through one portal. The new system supports monitoring attendance of the students and contains engaging tools like whiteboards, raising hands, shared whiteboard, public chat, and private chat.

 Learn more about KIC’s digitization milestones. 

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Featuring Ms. Farah Bou Hamdan, Executive Assistant – Group CEO Office

What are you most curious about in life?    
Covid-19 and similar viruses opened my curiosity as most of us towards the root causes of these viruses and how mankind and health professionals will prevent and fight them. 

What are the failures that you most cherish?  
Once I submitted a report with some missing information due to the lack of dedication to reviewing. This taught me the paramount importance of being focused when executing a task at hand. 

If you could go back five years, what advice would you give your younger self?
Five years back I would have pursued higher education and travelled more considering the mandatory lockdown we are experiencing nowadays. 
What do you do outside of the work environment?    
My family is my priority. I dedicate most of my time to having planned leisure activities with them.

What is the most courageous thing you have done in your life? 
After graduating I took the decision to travel and work abroad away from my family and outside my comfort zone. 

What is your favourite film/series and why?    
My favorite movie is “Braveheart”. The movie shows the importance of freedom and how people should fight for it. 

What keep me motivated during COVID-19? 
The belief that this pandemic will eventually end. 
 How are YOU 
 staying motivated during the quarantine?
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share them with us!
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Tips & Trivia

Al-Khwarizmi: Influencing Geography.

In one of the previous issues, we covered Al-Khwarizmi’s impact on fields that go well beyond Algebra and Mathematics, proliferating into Geography.

The image represents Daunicht's reconstruction of the section of al-Khwārizmī's world map concerning the Indian Ocean. One of Khwarizmi’s major books was “Kitab Surat Al Ard” meaning “Book of the Description of the Earth". This book was a major rework of Ptolemy's 2nd-century Geography, consisting of a list of 2402 coordinates of cities and other geographical features. According to Wikipedia, “Al-Khwārizmī corrected Ptolemy's gross overestimate for the length of the Mediterranean Sea from the Canary Islands to the eastern shores of the Mediterranean;”.

If someday you find yourself in the proximity to Strasbourg University Library, be sure to check the only surviving copy of Kitāb Ṣūrat al-Arḍ there.

Easy Photography at Home. 

brought to you by the Graphic Dept.

By now, you should have crafted your own routines that keep you busy at home. But have your tried these three creative photography experiments? If not, be sure to do so. It’s plain fun.
Indoor Splash: All you need is a smartphone, water, container, and an object. Recruit one of your family to do the dropping of the object into the container. Lots of takes are guaranteed so you can figure out the best frame settings.

Miniature Scapes: You can try it even with food! The most important aspect is to establish a sense of narrative. Think in a way of filming an actual movie set.
Fine Art: Shoot something abstract. Try turning your dinner ingredients into photo art using just a lightbox and a very sharp knife. Shoot top-down and get creative.
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