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DNAlytics offers to its partners and customers an expertise in data mining in order to build predictive models to support medical decisions in cases of diagnosis, prognosis and treatment response prediction. But we do not want our contribution be merely consisting in PDF reports that end in dark drawers. So we help making more of our results. First, we contribute to scientific communication, in order to spread these results and share parts of them with the community. Here is a subset of the communications in which we took part :

  • Peillon A., Thébault C., Helleputte T., Gramme P., Agbotounou W.K., Martin L., Dupont C., Sampson H.A., Benhamou P.-H., Ruban C., Prediction of peanut-challenge outcome with biomarkers, EAACI, Vienna, Austria, 2016.
  • Helleputte T., Gramme P., Routine use of synovial biopsies for diagnosis and treatment guidance, European League Against Arthritis (EULAR) Congress, London, UK, 2016. (see also the section about RheumaKit below).
  • Stephenne X., Bonnet N., Varma S., Helleputte T., Smets F., Veyckemans F., Eeckhoudt S., Hermans C., Sokal E., Evaluating risk of esophageal variceal bleed in children with cirrhosis and waitlisted for liver transplantation, Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition, 2016.
Second, we can bring these models to life via concrete web app implementations. It has been the case for example for the last communication above. Along with the scientific communication about this new bleeding risk score (HRS2C2), we also released an effective online score calculator on so that the results are readily available for all interested paediatricians (see picture below). Contact us to get yours too!


REED: still at your disposal, more robust

Last December we announced in our newsletter the release of REED, a software aiming at assessing rapidly and for free the predictive potential of your datasets, in the context of personalized medicine solutions. REED stands for Rapid and Easy Evaluation of Datasets. After its first upgrade last Spring to make it suitable to the increasing demand,  we just improved it another time. The new version is still available at the same URL: and is still free of charge. The new version offers a more stable feature (marker) selection step. If you are not familiar with REED, read here what it does and why we created it. Otherwise, just click on the link and enjoy!

RheumaKit: new functionalities

Over the last months, RheumaKit has evolved towards a full platform for personalized management of arthritis. RheumaKit already enabled differential diagnosis with RheumaKit-Dx. It now also allows patient monitoring and clinical studies management with RheumaKit-Timeline (for Rheumatologists). Rheumatologists can also recommend to their patient the use of RheumaKit for Patients. This mobile application, which can be connected to RheumaKit-Timeline, allows the Rheumatologist to monitor disease activity thanks to scores that are self-reported by the patients via their smartphone or tablet (available on Android and Apple devices). Finally, RheumaKit, through a metabolic pathways analysis, sheds light on the specificities of each patient. This metabolic snapshot nourishes the establishment of therapeutic strategies by the Rheumatologist. Further developments are ongoing to go much further in terms of treatment response prediction with our RheumaKit-Tx program, including two new international clinical programs, supported either by Wallonia or Europe (H2020), both centered on Anti-TNF response prediction based on the RheumaKit platform. To learn more about these projects, please register to our mailing list dedicated to RheumaKit.

UK, Belgium, France: many opportunities to meet

Do not hesitate to visit us during the next congresses we attend:

Third Precision Medicine Congress
12-13 September 2016
Location: London Heathrow Marriott Hotel.
Belgian Congress of Rheumatology
28-30 September 2016
Location: Hotel Van der Valk, Charleroi, Belgium.

Biowin Day 2016
8 December 2016
Location: Aula Magna, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium.

29 Congress of the Société Française de Rhumatologie
11-13 December 2016
Location: Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, 1 Place de la Porte de Versailles, 75015 Paris, France

Otherwise, do not hesitate to make an appointment with our team.

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