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Church of God in Virginia, Electronic News for Leaders - June 2012

Dear Ministry Partner/Leader,

Leaders Do What Is Best Not What Is Easiest
Being a leader is enjoyable, but it is not always easy!
One of the challenges of leadership is making the choice between what is easiest and what is best.  Many times the easiest decision is not the best and the best decision is not the easiest.
Making decisions as a leader must be based on principle and not popularity.  It is not always popular to do the right thing or make the right decision.  But principle-based decisions become a foundation to build lasting influence as a leader.
It is not that principles are more important than people.  As a matter of fact, people are at the center of principle-based decision-making.  Especially for those of us who serve as ministry leaders - ministry is about people.
Making decisions as a leader must be based on performance and not pressure.  Part of the process for decision-making is evaluation.  We may not always like it, but past performance is an indicator of probable future function. 
When we feel pressure as a leader, it is typically our emotional response to the emotions and feelings of others.  “Pressure” is always emotion centered.  We cannot become emotionless leaders.  But the same fire that warms, when it burns out of control is destructive.
Finally, making decisions as a leader must be based on prayer and not problems.  This is unique to leaders in the ministry.  If we become problem-centered leaders, we will become reactionary.  Leaders must be responsive not reactive.
The primary difference between someone being reactive or responsive is – wisdom.  Responsive leaders make wise decisions.  James 1:5 says, “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God…and it will be given him.”
Wisdom to know what is best is available to every leader!
We are partnering together as leaders to build the Kingdom one decision at a time.

Bishop Corder


SMART Outreach Formula

How does a church get up, get out, and get going in reaching the unchurched? The SMART Formula for outreach provides a positive pattern.

S — Spiritual Sensitivity
M — Ministry Motivation
A — Advancement Architect
R — Results Responsiblity
T — Triumphant Thanksgiving

A Changing Society

For the first time in U.S.A. history, most of the nation’s babies are members of minority groups, according to census figures. This signals the dawn of an era in which whites no longer will be the majority. Today, minorities make up 37 percent of the U.S. population.


The second session (video 2) has been released for this series on A Leader's Relationships.  To utilize this training session for leaders in all settings, please see this link to the webpage created for the thirty minute sessions.
Topics in this Video Series Include:
1. Models Who Inspire You
2. Mentors Who Instruct You
3. Partners Who Assist You
4. Friends Who Support You
Winners Keep Moving the Finishing Line

A winner’s focus is both goal-setting and goal-getting, and then moving the finishing line. Consider some companies that at one time were household names who reached their goals but did not move the finishing line—W.T. Grant, Woolworth’s, Zenith, Studebaker, Montgomery Ward. In each case, the goal was the same, but once they achieved their goal they did not move the finishing line. They lost the hunger, the ability to innovate, to adapt to change, to be humble. The greatest danger in ministry and church growth is complacency! Wal-Mart kept moving the finishing line. Sam Walton set the example by meeting the needs of everyday people. The Walton lifestyle is ingrained in
the Wal-Mart culture. Effective leaders and winners keep moving the finishing line (Concepts from Harry MacKay’s newsletter).


5 Personal Stress Busters for Leaders
1. Affirm Yourself.
2. Balance your emotions.
3. Value judgments of friends.
4. Engage in exercise.
5. Develop a winning mindset


Empower 2012 (Camp Meeting week) begins in just a few days, starting June 13-19, and will be held in three regions, hosted by four different churches.

Southwest Region: We will begin on Wednesday night, June 13, in Pulaski Church of God (The Refreshing Center) with two days and three nights in Pulaski. Nightly guest speakers will be Kevin Wallace (Senior Pastor, Ooltewah, TN); Cliff West (State Evangelist); and David Griffis (Third Assistant General Overseer). The morning speaker at Pulaski, June 14 and 15, will be Senior Pastor Darrell Waller of Winchester.

Coastal Region: The evening of June 16, we will hold service at Chesapeake, Kingdom Life and Sunday night, June 17, we will be at Newport News, World Outreach Worship Center. Our night speaker in both of these coastal churches will be Perry Stone (International Evangelist).

Northeast Region: Monday night, June 18, we will be hosted by Richmond, Victory Tabernacle with night speaker Senior Pastor Sam Luke of Richmond. We will close out the week of services Tuesday, June 19, in Richmond with morning speaker, Mark Walker in both morning services and Evangelist Gary Taylor as our night speaker.

More details about area hotels and downloads are available on our website:

Other Events to Remember:

Prayer Leadership Conference convenes July 23.

The conference will convene Monday, July 23, 8 a.m. at the Orlando Convention Center. There will be a $50 registration fee. Speakers include: Niko Njotorahardjo, pastor of Gereja Bethel Church in Jakarta, Indonesia; Esther Illnsky, Children’s Prayer Movement; and Pierre Bynum, chaplain of Family Research Council. Register by email at or online at

More Upcoming Events:

June's Book of the Month

The Explicit Gospel
by Matt Chandler

Matt Chandler serves as lead pastor of The Village Church in Highland Village, TX.  For more information about the author and the book, see our Equipping Through Resources page on The Explicit Gospel linked here.

A Leader's Relationships (2-Part Video Series)
Bishop Mitchell Corder is the instructor for this four point training series about A Leader's Relationships in two impactful 30-minute videos. This leadership training applies to church staff, general leadership positions, or volunteer constituents with information about valuable "People Principles.

App of the Month

Presentation Link

This is a simple presentation app that enables you to hold interactive slideshows with images and videos on your iPad. Great for visitor introduction, taking them only to the info they are interested in.
App price = $2.99.  For more information check out this Youtube tutorial:  Video:


(June 13-19, 2012)
Pulaski, Newport News, Richmond

David Griffis
Sam Luke
Perry Stone
Gary Taylor
Kevin Wallace
Mark Walker
Darrell Waller
Cliff West
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