BOGO Summer Sauna Sessions; Essential Oils for Summertime; Father's Day

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June 2014

Summer time is finally upon us! We tend to slow down a little during the summer, and have less events and classes at the office. It gives us and our patients a chance to get out and enjoy the fresh air and free vitamin D. 

Check out our Specials & Packages for great Father's Day gift ideas! See below for our Summer Office Hours.
  • June Infrared Sauna Specials: BOGO Summer Blowout! All month long sauna sessions are buy one, get one FREE! These do not expire, so you can buy them now and use them later! Or use them now to get a jump start on summer weight loss.
  • June 24th: Essential Oils for Summertime with Dr. Brenda Trudell and Chris Kazda from 7-8:30 pm. Free class, please RSVP
  • OFFICE CLOSED June 12th, 13th and 25th
Hope you enjoy our June newsletter! Here is to a long and beautiful summer!

Dr. Brenda Trudell, DC
Amy Mertz, LMT
Melissa Graf, LAc
Chris Kazda, CPT
Terry Haag, RN, BSN

New summer office hours!

From May through September, New Beginnings Chiropractic will be closing early on the second and fourth Fridays of the month. We will be open from 8-1 pm on those days.

We will also be changing our extended evening hours for the infrared sauna from Wednesdays to Tuesdays. Hours will go until 9 pm, but appointments must be made by 6 pm that day. No walk-in appointments available.

To learn more about the amazing health benefits of the infrared sauna, click here.

To book your appointment online, click here.
Essential Oil of the Month: Citronella

Citronella oil has traditionally been used as an insect deterrent. Many chemical filled candles use synthetic citronella along with a host of other additives for mosquito control, but breathing in these fumes can be toxic.

You can use citronella essential oil to create your own non-toxic bug sprays, add a few drops to homemade candles, or add a few drops to tiki torches. You can also soak strips of fabric in a citronella oil mix and hang around your patio. Smells and works great!

To order Citronella essential oil, contact Chris at or order directly here.

June Events
Online Calendar

Mount Horeb Summer Frolic

6/12 & 13

Office Closed


First Day of Summer!!


Essential Oils for Summertime
7-8:30 PM


Office Closed

BOGO Summer Sauna Blowout!

Infrared Sauna sessions are Buy One, Get One FREE all month long!

These do not expire, so buy them now and use them later! Or use them now to get a jump start on your summer weight loss.

This is the best deal of the year, and it only happens once a year! Great gift for Father's Day!

Sauna Deals

Commit to Your Workout; Put it in Writing

Christopher Kazda

Schedule all of your workouts in advance. This creates structure for your fitness plan and prevents you from prioritizing other things over fitness. You can use a simple paper calendar to schedule your workouts, or if you prefer, use your iPhone, Blackberry, or Outlook calendar…whatever works best for you. Put this schedule in a place that is noticeable or easy to access. Write it in a daily planner, or tape it on a mirror that you use every day.

If you don’t commit to a workout and write it down, you may be dooming yourself to not reaching the goals you’ve set. We’re pretty good at scheduling when to wake up, when to go to bed, what time to eat, and when to watch our favorite shows, but for some reason we don’t apply that same discipline to scheduling our workouts. The “I’ll fit it in when I have spare time” philosophy just doesn’t work. You can’t create the healthy, fit life you want if you wing it.



Stay Safe in Summer: Bites, Burns & Bugs
Dr. Brenda Trudell

As summer begins, people will be spending more time outdoors. While getting outside has health benefits, concerns are raised about hazards in the natural world, and whether modern treatments are safe. What is worse, DEET or West Nile? Sunburn or toxic chemicals in sunscreens? With so much confusing and often contradicting information, it’s hard to know what to believe. We will discuss natural mosquito and bug repellents, treatments for bites and stings, natural ways to protect yourself in the sun, and natural treatments for Lyme disease.

Many products work well to deter mosquitoes and other insects but are full of harsh chemicals, including DEET. Studies have shown that DEET has been linked to negative health effects such as rashes, numb or burning lips, headaches, dizziness and difficulty concentrating. Children absorb more DEET due to a larger skin-to-body ratio and by constantly putting their hands in their mouth. Mosquito coil smoke contains about 70 different volatile organic compounds including allethrin, phenol, benzene, toluene and xylene.
Continue reading here.

To sign up for our free Essential Oils in Summertime Class, click here.


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