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April 2012
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Hope you are all enjoying the spring so far!

With all the mild and dry weather we have been having, it has been great to get outside and be active. Be sure to read Dr. Brenda's article, Run Baby, Run! for tips on staying safe and avoiding injury when pounding the pavement.

Lot's of great things happening at the office this month! April is Autism Awareness Month, C-Section Awareness Month, National Garden Month, Stress Awareness, Irritable Awareness Month, and National Infertility Awareness Month! Chiropractic and acupunture can have an impact on each of these things. If you would like more information on any of these topics and how it relates to chiropractic or acupuncture, please contact Dr. Brenda.  Dr. Brenda will be leading a workshop Infertility and Pregnancy; Natural Solutions on Tuesday, April 24th.

What are your plans for celebrating Earth Day on the 22nd? Jump onto Facebook and let us know how you will be doing your part! 

Enjoy your day, and this beautiful weather.

Run Baby, Run!

Spring is here, and with that an urge to get outside and exercise. Many people will be hitting the road or the trails to start logging some serious miles. And with the start of race season just around the corner, serious runners and weekend amateurs alike need to prepare themselves to avoid injury.

Whether you having been running your whole life, or are starting your first Couch-to-5K, it is important to prepare yourself for running. When done properly, running is a great form of exercise that burns calories, builds bone density, increases cardiovascular strength, and eases mental stress. But if done haphazardly, it can cause injuries and be a great source of frustration. Before starting any running program, you should consult with a chiropractor to make sure your body is balanced to avoid unnecessary pains.

For many runners, the problems may start with their feet...

"Grow your practice, but let us help you plant the seeds."


What's Going On?

Happy Easter!

Tax Deadline-Don't let stress get the best of you!

Holistic Moms Meeting
Learn to Love Your Cycles
6:30 PM Mt Horeb Library

Breastfeeding Coalition of South Central WI
Annual Meeting
Happy Bambino 6:30-8:30


Open House 10-2
Ancient Healing
Sauk City

Earth Day!

National Infertility Awareness Week!

Workshop with Dr. Brenda
Infertility & Pregnancy: Natural Solutions


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Yours in Health,

Dr. Brenda Trudell
Dr. Joe Ryan
Rongua Jiang, LAc
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Shelley Ferguson, LMT


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*Add a few drops to water or tea to spruce it up
*Make a natural air freshener spray by filling a small spray bottle with water and 10 drops of lemon oil
*Use in cooking, salad dressings and desserts

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