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July 2014

It seems like every year, summer goes by faster and this year is no different. Already half way done with 2014, we are continuing to improve our patient care and satisfaction to make your experience here the best possible.

From continuing chiropractic education to learn new techniques and stay on top of the latest scientific research, to staying abreast of all of the insurance and Medicare changes (and there are A LOT!), to adding extra hours for services for your convenience, to adding new practitioners and services to keep providing the best possible local and convenient care, we want you to know that we are committed to serving you and your family's healthcare needs.

That is why right now is the BEST time to reactivate if you haven't been in for awhile. Read 11 Reasons to Reactivate Today and book your appointment here.

We are excited to welcome a new practitioner to our office, Angie Roherty! Please read below about her services.

Check out our Specials & Packages page! Take advantage of our reactivation special running from now until August 31st. Every time you are in for a service at our office, be sure to "Check-In" at New Beginnings Chiropractic on Facebook and get entered to win an Infrared Sauna package!

Hope you enjoy our July newsletter! Here is to a long and beautiful summer!

Dr. Brenda Trudell, DC
Amy Mertz, LMT
Melissa Graf, LAc
Chris Kazda, CPT
Terry Haag, RN, BSN
Angie Roherty, LMT, ATMAT

New summer office hours!

New Beginnings Chiropractic will be closing early on the second and fourth Fridays of the month. We will be open from 8-1 pm on those days.

Extended evening hours for the infrared sauna available on Tuesdays. Hours will go until 9 pm, but appointments must be made by 6 pm that day. No walk-in appointments available.

To learn about health benefits of the infrared sauna, click here.

To schedule online, click here.
Staying Safe in Summer with Essential Oils

As summer begins, people will be spending more time outdoors. While getting outside has health benefits, concerns are raised about hazards in the natural world, and whether modern treatments are safe. What is worse, DEET or West Nile? Sunburn or toxic chemicals in sunscreens? With so much confusing and often contradicting information, it’s hard to know what to believe. We will discuss natural mosquito and bug repellents, treatments for bites and stings, natural ways to protect yourself in the sun, and natural treatments for Lyme disease.

To order summertime essential oils, contact Chris at or order directly here.
July Events
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Happy 4th of July!


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Closing at 1 PM


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The Webster Technique: A Sought Out Technique for Pregnant Women

You have probably heard about the Webster
Technique– the chiropractic technique used in
pregnancy to help optimize the mother’s pelvic
function. It has been widely covered on natural
birthing sites, and has become a conversation piece
in the pregnancy circles, perhaps your doctor of
chiropractic has discussed it with you as well.

Read more about Webster Technique...

11 Reasons to Reactivate Your Care Today!

We are sure having a fun and busy summer here, and we hope that you are too!

We know that during the summer schedules can get off, and with vacations and summer camps you may not be around all the time.

To make it easier for you and your family to get back on track, we are offering a Patient Reactivation Special from now until August 31st!

11 Reasons why NOW is the best time to reactivate:

  1. More time to come in! With kids out of school and many people working summer hours, it is easier than ever to schedule an appointment!
  2. People tend to be more active in the summer from running, boot camps, yard work, camping, etc, and therefore more likely to injure themselves and need an adjustment.
  3. Our chiropractor continues her education and is always bringing new services and techniques to the table. Chances are she learned some new skills since your last visit. See if she can help you with a new problem!

8 more reasons to begin chiropractic care today!
Book now!


Meet Angie Roherty, LMT, ATMAT

Angie Roherty has been a state licensed and nationally certified massage therapist since 2002 and an aesthetician since 2003.  She originally graduated from Florida College of Natural Health with an A.S. in Natural Health with a concentration in Therapeutic Massage and Skin Care.  She has since finished her B.S. in Natural Health with Clayton College of Natural Health and has taken numerous continuing education courses in massage and skin therapy.  

Angie specializes in the Arvigo Technique of Maya Abdominal Therapy (ATMAT)
.  She started her ATMAT trainings in 2011 and feels it really was the missing piece to the puzzle in her practice. ATMAT® is an external, non-invasive manipulation to reposition organs and improve blood, lymph, nerve, and energy flow. The initial 2-hour appointment includes a detailed intake, the Maya Abdominal Therapy session, massage instructions for self care routine at home, and any other recommendations that may be appropriate for you. Angie is also available for massage therapy and Raindrop Technique sessions as well.

To learn more about Angie and her services, click here.
To learn more about ATMAT therapy, click here.
To learn more about Raindrop Technique, click here.



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