Post-Holiday Cleanse & Detox; Healthy Weight Week; New Year's Resolutions

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January 2015

January is the perfect time of year to start fresh. With the stress of the holidays behind us, and the pressure of making poor food choices a distant memory, this is your opportunity to make better decisions regarding your health and well-being. Without sounding cliché, this IS my favorite time of the year to start exercising and eating better. I suddenly have more free time to workout, and more control over eating the food that I want to eat.

This is also when I plan my year; personal, business, financial, etc. I do set goals, and have a plan to reach them. I find it refreshing to be back on a schedule, and have a routine. And setting intentions is a big part of reaching my goals in a realistic way.

If you are looking to get back on track after the holiday roller coaster, contact our office today. Chiropractic, personal fitness, detox & cleanse programs, infrared sauna, acupuncture, massage, craniosacral therapy, Brain Gym, naturopathic services, and essential oils can all be implemented into a wellness program to help you find balance again.

Read some of our past articles: Full Body Post-Holiday Cleanse & Detox; Don't Get SAD This Winter; Setting Intentions for New Year's Resolutions.

Check out our Specials & Packages page! Celebrate National Healthy Weight Week January 19-25th with specials and events at our office! Signup for our How to Stay Healthy with Chiropractic & Fitness Class on January 21st, and Young Living 101 Essential Oils Class on January 15th.

Take our poll! What do your work on for New Year's Resolutions?

Have a wonderful 2015, and let us help you make it your healthiest year ever!

Dr. Brenda Trudell, DC
Amy Mertz, LMT
Melissa Graf, LAc
Chris Kazda, CPT
Terry Haag, RN, BSN
Angie Roherty, LMT, ATMAT

Dr. Holly Krook, ND

Buy One/Get One Personal Training All Month Long

With the New Year, comes the new you! Get a jump-start on your physical transformation goals by receiving guidance and motivation through our Personal Trainer, Chris Kazda. Don't let this amazing deal pass you by. To find out more, please click here.


This Month's Featured Young Living Essential Oil: Grapefruit

Grapefruit (Citrus paradisi) has a fresh, citrus aroma that is energizing and uplifting. Rich in the powerful antioxidant d-limonene, it is nourishing to the skin. Like many coldpressed citrus oils, it is a popular oil to use in conjunction with weight management programs. Grapefruit may also be used to enhance the flavor of food and water. Grapefruit has an approximate ORAC of 226,234 (TE/L). TE/L is expressed as micromole Trolox equivalent per liter.

To order Grapefruit essential oil, contact Chris at or order directly here.
January Events
Online Calendar

Office Closed Happy New Year's


National Personal Trainer Awareness Day!

1/10 & 1/24
Sauna Saturdays 
8 AM - 4 PM

Holistic Connections Meeting
Topic: Winter Apothecary

Young Living Essential Oils 101 Class
6:30 PM - 8 PM

1/19 through 1/25
Healthy Weight Week!

Chiropractic & Fitness Class
6 PM - 8 PM

All Month Long

Buy One/Get One Personal Training Sessions

Saturday Sauna Hours in January!

Saturday sauna hours are here, starting January 10th and 24th, from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. (Please keep an eye out in upcoming newsletter posts, or refer to our Monthly Events section, for future Saturday opportunities.)
Please call 608-437-9990 to reserve your appointment, and click here for sauna information and recommendations. 

Take a video tour of our infrared sauna!

Full Body, Post-Holiday Cleanse & Detox!
Dr. Brenda Trudell, DC

For a number of years now, I have been detoxing and cleansing my body, and writing about my experiences. I began doing them in the spring of 2010, sort of as a “spring cleaning” of my entire body. The first time I did this, I lost some weight and it started me on a body transformation and a new way of eating and living. Sometimes I do them in the fall, as a way to jumpstart my immune system before the cold and flu season is upon us. I have also done them in January, right after the indulgence and splurging of the holiday season. I have personally found that this is my absolute favorite time of the year to do a cleanse, and I will explain why.

I love to eat healthy, I really honestly do. But I also love sweets…and comfort food…and gravy…and everything else we shouldn’t really love but secretly do. I enjoy cooking and feeding my body what it craves. So, in November and December, I like to enjoy my holiday favorites guilt-free. This may mean gaining a few pounds, having skin breakouts, needing to wear stretchy pants, etc., but I allow myself to indulge. Then, on January 2nd, I begin a full-body detox and cleanse to purge all the garbage that has been floating in my system, to boost my immune system warding off the flu, colds, stomach bugs, strep throat, and sinus infections, and to really connect with food in a different way than I just did the previous two months. I also do not look at it like a diet, or a New Year’s resolution, but as a way to eat healthy to feed my body, not to fit into a certain size of pants. But I have to say, I do always make a trip to Florida in February to visit my mom, so having that as motivation does help.

For the full cleanse, continue here.


Working Out While Sick?
Christopher Kazda

I am often asked my thoughts on working out while experiencing sickness. A sore throat, achy muscles, fever, nausea, and a runny nose can make you miserable, but if you still have the energy to exercise, should you? Aside from being contagious to everyone else around you, what's the real danger? The good news is that if you are currently a fit person, you will tend to recover from illnesses quicker and experience milder symptoms than those who are inactive.

If you feel as if you're coming down with a garden-variety cold, you can still exercise without significant limitations. If you begin to feel worse after your workout, however, cut back. Take a few days off or reduce your effort to 50 percent of your normal capacity; walk for 15 minutes instead of running for 30 minutes, do one set of lifting instead of five. Also keep in mind the above-the-neck rule: if your symptoms include a runny nose, dry cough, or sneezing, you should be fine to exercise. Rest if your symptoms are below the neck, such a chest congestion, muscle aches, upset stomach, etc. 

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