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Debbie Saunders Workouts - Sept 2017

Well its nearly the end of summer and I hope you have all had some quality time. I had a fantastic time on Exmoor, lots of walks and lots of good meals. Able to lie in total darkness watching the meteor show while I could hear the sea coming in was very special. 
I enjoyed testing my balance and core control on Kilve beach. Huge pebbles made it very unstable to walk on while having fun searching for fossils.
I was sufficiently inspired to get some superb new sculpting moves for class. Some tough love coming into all the classes recently.

TIME OFF - I have been asked to join British Gymnastics research team and will be attending a meeting Thursday 14th Sept, so there will be no adult fitness classes that day. I am starting the day with Data protection updates. I just hope the coffee is good.

Focus of the month



We are delighted to have been chosen by tesco for the “bags of help” we are hoping to raise enough funds to purchase an air tumble track for all the gymnasts to work on. All the local tesco stores have token boxes, please make sure you pop your token in for the club. help your child have access to more equipment in their classes.
You have all of September and October to collect the tokens
As they say “ every little helps! “
Urinary incontinence is the unintentional passing of urine. It's a common problem thought to affect millions of people.
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Healthy weight
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Pelvic floor exercises
Speak to me about pelvic floor exercises, they are easy and very discreet to do. We are going to start putting them in occasional classes. 

thats all for this month, dont forget to follow the facebook page

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