What are your favorite sleep products?
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Sleep Routines...

Hello, muffins.  It's good to see you.

Sleep is HUGELY important to me.  Many of you know what I sleep on, the pillows I'm obsessed with, and that sometimes I wear that hat up there in the photo.  No lie. It keeps the light out!!!! My usual sleep routine is to turn OFF the computer, get a glass of wine, or water, or both, set those on my nightstand, put my phone DOWN (which is huge for me), and sometimes watch a movie.  I rarely watch tv in bed because I get wired, but have found in hotels it helps me sleep.  And since I live in hotels you gotta do what works ;)  I also have lavender pillow/linens spray (how dainty!) that I use when I need an extra boost.

I also have a GENIUS app on my iPhone called Stop, Breathe, & Think. It's a meditation app that you can plug in your current physical & emotional states and it gives you meditations relevant to your mood.  Or you just click "Mindful Breathing" for ten minutes like I do and pass the F out in a few minutes.  Seriously.  It's a game-changer.  Look into it.

What are YOUR sleep routines for you and your family?  What have you found that works?

More importantly:  what is this SLEEP I am talking about??

Oh heeeeeeey....

You see that monitor over there?  I've been a long-time fan of Summer Infant baby monitors.  In fact, I chose their Baby Touch to give away when I was on Martha Stewart. They continue to make great monitors for every family: some are touchscreen, some connect over wifi so you can SPY ON EVERYONE, and some have a talk-back feature so you can tell your kids to go back to sleep.  No matter what you need, Summer Infant will have a monitor for your needs.  Check them out by clicking this ad --->

And do you see this ------>

Yep.  That's the Halo Bassinest.  You all know I am a HUUUUUUGE fan of this product.  And we are THRILLED that they are a #babyguyBIGbox sponsor for SEPTEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep.  People are going to randomly win things pretty magical in September.  So look for the Angry Baby Ticket!!!  It's in the actual #babyguybox, NOT an email.  Just to clear that up :)


Lullaby Earth® is a revolutionary lightweight baby crib mattress that offers all the benefits you want in a crib mattress without any harmful chemicals or allergens.

Bourbon for Bedtime

This is easy.  I swear.  Because your day has been long and you NEED TO RELAX.

Bourbon.  As much as you want.  Go ahead.
Giant ice cube.
A dash of bitters.  
if you want, get fancy and muddle a bit of orange into it.  Because citrus and bourbon are bosom buddies.

Drink and enjoy Netflix.
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