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Can Black Soldier Fly Frass Aid Plant Growth?


Science Fair Project Shows Promising Results


The benefits of Black Soldier Fly (BSF) Frass continue to grow, this time through a project conducted by two young students for the Canada Wide Science Fair.
Sarah Choi and Neelah Hassanzadeh wanted to know if insect frass (specifically from BSFL) could be used as a safe and effective biofertilizer for crops while still being of benefit to plants and the environment.
The results of their research project were impressive. They concluded that BSFL frass improved soil fertility and helped with disease suppression providing growers a viable solution to growing organic crops.

Read the Research Report here

From The Field - Research & Trends


Our ability to recycle anthronutrients back onto farms will aid in fortifying nutrient-depleted land while helping to prevent total system collapse. A recent study from the University of Manitoba found black solder fly larvae frass produced higher crop yields when tested against mineral struvite (from municipal wastewater) and anaerobic digestate (from municipal food waste).

Read more about the study here

What Does The Future Of Feed Look Like?


Results Of Industry Stakeholder Survey

Understanding our customer partners is of primary importance to us. Achieving this also means understanding the unique challenges they face as well as their views on the industry and how they perceive their company’s role within it. To give our team a comprehensive view of this, we conducted one-to-one surveys with 61 industry decision makers in the animal feed sector.
Our goal was to see how sustainable products affected their company, community and consumer buying habits. Questions covered topics such as sustainability, societal needs, how best to meet consumer demand and identifying specific industry challenges.
The survey results were insightful and further supported the already proactive efforts of those involved in the feed industry. They also helped support Enterra’s goals of identifying products to meet the demands driven by consumer behavior and a younger generation focused on sustainability and environmental responsibility. Going forward, consumer education will continue to be a key factor in these areas.
Read more about the survey results here

Black Soldier Fly Larvae:
The Broiler Feed Of The Future?

Could black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) be considered as an alternative protein source to soy meal? (Soy is often the feed of choice for chicken growers.) The results of a recent German study show they might. Broiler chickens were fed using three different protein sources, with one of them being BSFL. Among those results being measured were animal growth, meat quality (in particular shelf life) and eating quality (taste). The BSLF results were very positive, further proof that insect protein should be the foundation of a viable and sustainable animal feeding program.
Read more about the study here

The Difference Makers


Doing The Right Thing For Our Customers & Our Business

As part of our long-term strategic plan, we’ve incorporated a robust employee recognition program into our organizational culture. Called “The Difference Maker”, the program focuses on recognizing employees who contribute to propelling the company forward by exhibiting and reinforcing our core values of quality, integrity and innovation. In addition to being saluted at our regular Town Hall meetings, employees will also see their photo and write up posted in the company’s “Pathway Of Pride”. The honoree also receives a gift certificate and, as further recognition of their contributions, are awarded the best parking spot that proudly proclaims that it is “Reserved For The Difference Maker”.

Ohio Plains Update

Construction of our new Black Soldier Fly processing plant is anticipated to start in January 2021. Located in Marion, Ohio, this world class site - situated on the former Marion Power Shovel grounds - features a 200,000 square foot building and will employ 30 staff. We are looking forward to being part of the local business community while contributing to the manufacture of sustainably produced feed ingredients.

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